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Hello and welcome to Infrno!

Infrno is a unique service that combines social networking and game play tools for tabletop roleplaying enthusiasts. As the tag-line says: Find. Connect. Play. Use the social networking part of Infrno to find games you want to play and to connect with other gamers, then play games using the proprietary game table in a virtual environment that features voice and video chat.

Getting Set-Up

Here are a few things you can do to get yourself set up to use Infrno to its fullest:

• Create your Profile – this profile represents you as a person, but more specifically you as a gamer. We encourage you to upload a real picture of yourself as part of your profile, also so that people can recognize that it’s you.

• Create a Character Profile & Sheet – in Infrno, characters are comprised of two (possibly more) related sheets. The first is the Character Profile, which contains all the story and background information about your character. It is like your character’s own social networking profile. The second is the Character Sheet, which contains all of your character’s game data. Feel free to input your existing characters here (and never worry about losing your character sheet again) or create a new one that you can use to play new games.

• Create a Game Profile – in Infrno, games that people play and the characters that are a part of them are represented by Game Profiles. These profiles include all the information one would need to know about a game, including system, premise, who can play, play times, etc. If you’d like to run a game in Infrno, create your Game Profile and advertise who you seek as players. You can even use the pre-generated character management system to offer us pre-gens for your game!

• Find a Game – if you’re looking for a game to play, cruise over the Games section and see what is open for registration. Those games that are open for registration are typically those accepting new players. You can also go to the Forums, where you will find a section for Players Seeking Games and Games Seeking Players. Feel free to post in either!

• Play a Game – in order to play a game you must have two things in place. First, the game must have its own unique Game Profile. Second, a group of characters must have requested membership in that game by going to the Game Profile with an active Character Profile. The gamemaster must then approve those characters, and you are ready to go! Each player then goes to the Game Profile table and clicks the PLAY GAME link under the profile picture. You are then transported to the game table. At minimum, the game table requires a headset and microphone, but it works best with a webcam. For now, there is a limit of four people per game-table.

Inside the game table, you will find shared whiteboards, text chat, the ability to place objects and move them around, and the ability to upload images – as well as tabs for each Character Sheet. Also, if you type in the kind of dice roll you want to make into the chat window, it will roll for you!

Once you’re done with those formalities, it’s time to interact with the other users using Infrno’s social networking functions. You can request friends, leave comments, or send private messages – the same way you do in other popular social networking services. However, unlike those services, you always know that you have gaming in common with the other members of Infrno!

Creating Your Legacy

Something unique to Infrno is the ability to create your character’s or game’s legacy. Each Game Profile and Character Profile has a blog, which is designed to be the diary of your character and game. Tell other members your story or your character’s thoughts. You have the opportunity here to share the magic of your game and characters with others in your community. The blogging function supports long posts and media uploads, so don’t be afraid to abuse it!

You can also blog as yourself from your own Profile as well. Feel free to share your own personal musings with the community here!

Your Feedback is Valuable

Thank you for helping us test the beta version of the site. Please request the new features that you want to see! We want your unadulterated feedback, no matter what it is, as well as any reports of difficulties or bugs your experience in the site.

To provide us feedback or report a bug, simply go to the top of every page. Feedback is the rightmost link. Click on that and it will take you to a form that will send your mail to the right person.

Vendors Are Welcome

As you can see from our Vendor profiles, publishers are partnering with Infrno to become part of the community! If you're a vendor and you want to become part of Infrno, please use the Contact link that can be found at the bottom of every page and let us know.

If you are a publisher or other IP owner and you believe that someone on Infrno is using your copywritten material without permission, please follow the instructions found by following the Report Copyright Infringement link on the bottom of any page.

Gen Con 2010

Infrno is launching to the world at Gen Con 2010! If you're going, please come visit us at booth #427!


We are honored that you have chosen to use your valuable time to help us make our service something you will want to use.

Enjoy your Infrnal experience and I look forward to seeing you on-line!


Matthew Grau

Chief Experience Officer


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