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No youre not and as a DM i hate feeling like im leading my player's


Can you give an example of how you feel he is rail roading you?


Generally the DM is trying to tell a story featuring the PCs. It should be written to allow the players to define their motivation of the characters, showing why they would want to follow the plot. The plot should be flexiable enough to allow the players to approach it how they wish.

DMs go too far if they tell the players why the characters are doing something, especially if it contradicts their own vision of their character.

Players have responsibilities as well and should work to pursue the plot. For example simply refusing to follow an adventure without good reason breaks the game. DM and Players should work together to shape the plot so that the PCs have a logical reason to go down the plot track.

The DM should be allowed to limit the PCs options through outside factors. If he wants to keep the PCs within a certain area by blocking exits with a snow storm or limit resources in a village because merchants have been ambushed by bandits that is fair enough. Players should have their characters react appropriately and try to overcome these hinderances.

Ultimately both DM and PCs should be working together so that everyone has fun. If you aren't then its best to talk about what the problem is and how it can be solved.


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