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Hi everyone, I just recently got back into playing SWTOR, and I’m looking for some person(s) to play it together with me from the start in a weekly game. This is just a simple interest check thread: once I’ve found a few people we can pick up the server and faction stuff later. My timezone is GMT -05:00 (Eastern Time). -David

What server were you thinking?

Hi Sarah Kaplan, The server I’m currently on is The Progenitor RP Server. Because I like to RP. I’m pretty flexible, though, because ideally I’d like us all to start alts and party together from the beginning. -David

Just posting here to confirm my interest! Anyone have any idea what faction we might play? Just want to know for RP reasons ^^

Hi Kai Mayer, My vote goes for the Empire. -David

My vote also goes for the Empire!

i could be swayed to start up again. although id miss my consular i could try the empire.

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