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Looks like Infrno's caught a really nasty bug this season - any idea what's been causing such a huge influx recently?

(also, MAJOR THANKS AND KUDOS to whoever has been taking care of it so quickly! Your work does not go unnoticed :D **hugs**)

Thanks for the appreciation, it has become a full time job tackling the spam, but I am trying to stay on top of it. As far as what has caused the new influx, I have absolutely no idea. Someone out there saw the site, and saw the ease of use we have for our Blog posts, and are taking full advantage of it. It is extremely annoying and unfortunate, but our wonderful code monkey and founder Mike Muldoon has assured me that he is working on a fix.

One idea is making the first three posts that a new user makes be approved by me before they are seen on the front page. After you have had 3 posts accepted, you no longer get caught in the waiting line.

Until we get a solid fix for this new influx of trash spam, please be warry of any posts that sound like a selling ad, or if they have any off site links. Please do not hit any of these inbedded links, as there is no telling where they lead or what dangers they may have lurking within.

Only trust a blog post if the author has characters and games attched to their profile. Also, all of these spam posts are from brand new users. That is another red flag, and a reason why I believe Mike's fix will work. It's more work for me, but it's worth it to have a clean safe enviroment for all of the community. Community is my #1 priority, so know I'm working to make this better.

Thanks again for the appreciation, It helps knowing that you guys do appreciate the efforts.

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