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As apparently the only people in the internets who actually play this game, I thought I'd go to the experts for all my Monsterhearting needs.

I'm planning on running a game some time in the near future but have only ever participated as a Player in the past. Do any of the veteran MCs have any tips for a newbie?

Sure, I'll give it a shot. I've run this game a lot. Here is some advice I developed to remind myself how to run MonsterHearts well

1) Ask questions

Everyone forgets to ask questions at some point, but asking questions is important for getting the story to emerge from the PCs' messed-up lives. Pretend you're interviewing someone controversial or outspoken on a radio show. You want to ask questions to get them to talk about how awful they are, but you don't want to sound judgemental. If they mention something particularly evil, respond as if they just told you about their first job and ask more about it.

2) Say yes

This game seems to work better if you lean towards answering yes whenever the answer could be no. If you answer "no," make sure you have a good reason. In other games, you set up a secnario, some NPCs and a lot of factual information about what's going on. I think it's fine to do that (other MCs might disagree), but allow the facts to change as much as possible as soon as the PCs start interacting with them, making assumptions and making rolls.  

3) Watch TV & Movies

Before the game, watch whatever got you interested in this genre in the first place. Buffy, Vampire Diaries, Jennifer's Body, etc. Have the "Principles" and "Hard Moves" in mind as you watch. See how they did it and how you might narrate something like it. It's also a good way to brush up on teen dialogue. During the game, when the players look to you for direction or someone misses a roll, it will be easier to improvise something that feels like MonsterHearts instead of some other game.

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