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One of the ideas I had was that in (in the Marvel and DC universes, anyway), being a side kick or a teen hero is kind of like forming a garage band. You do it for a while and then maybe one of the people goes on to actually be a musician, but most people don't -- they go off to be accountants or welders or lawyers.

The premise I thought of was that a group of young adults who used to be the Teen Team are called together by the one of their member who has become a wanna-be TV show producer. (This gathering doubles as their Christmas reunion, anyway.) This member's secret agenda is to get everyone to sign off on having their likenesses used in a show based on the Teen Team (he's already sold the show idea, he just has to get the paperwork filled out). Everyone else thinks it's a reunion.

And bad guys get involved with old grudges.

There's certainly a chance to talk things out ("What? It's just bookkeeping trouble? I can handle that for you!") with the villains, and maybe hide things.


  • A second was the other end of the spectrum: a one-shot set in a supers old-age home. All I have is the setting, though; the story seed might well have to come from the players.
  • A third one is a reality show, but where the players are (probably) reformed villains who have been hired to oppose the contestants in the show. They have to try and pull off "jobs" that fit various tropes while the wannabe heroes oppose them. Theme is redemption.
  • A fourth is essentially the setting to Base Raiders, though I'd probably use a system that I am more familiar with.
  • I think it might also be fun to play the people left behind during an original "Secret Wars" kind of thing: all the really significant (aka popular to the readers) heroes and villains have disappeared--we know not where. Players would take the part of the less popular heroes who are suddenly tasked with protecting the world. This isn't so bad if you're, say, the Sentry, but not so good if you're Daredevil or Iron Fist. Because the Mandarin and Kang and the Skrulls are still out there...

    (Though probably I'd use an original world. Not guaranteed, though.)

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