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Designed for extended tournament play, FPS will run over 52 weeks of the year, year after year.

Accommodating 4500 entrants per season and up to 1200 competiters per single round, gameplay varies from hectic to brutal, depending on the division of competition players choose to register and participate in. Rounds take from 2-4 hours to wind out - depending on the division of competition - and have a 98% Action/Combat factor.

FPS features 55 playable species/sub-species(and allows for endless hybridization therefrom),  optional co-op and spectator-assisted styles of play and an in-game Currency system which rolls over for the length of each tournament season. Competitors can explore the official competiton Maps and plan and prep their strategies for days prior to each round. Their competition Loadouts are also fully customizable.

Purchasable bundles contain all 52 Official Competition Modules for from $105-180 and include a custom-to-order Avatar/Portrait and Token. Modules vary in size, starting at 300+ on up to 1200+ mini-maps per.

Up to 75* Winners will be named in each Division of Competition and awarded prizes equivalent to $195k, valued at from $4k down to $200.

*of the 300 competitors in the deadliest division, it is conceivable that not even as may as 75 players will survive the gauntlet of 52 rounds...

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