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03 Jun 11:13
Bug 100 heruca 3 Posts

General / Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software

I wanted to let everyone know that my MapForge mapping software was recently released (in late Match), that MapForge has a new website, and that the MapForge Store is now open for business.

MapForge v1.0.4 will be released this coming week. It adds support for hexgrid overlays, among other things.

11 Mar 04:11
Bug 100 CondorDM 44 Posts

General / CondorDM(Come Visit Me On Youtube)

Sessions, thoughts and advice await you.

30 Oct 04:45
Red dragon fire animal 1 HammerBrother 74 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / A superhero game?

I've been waiting for a Supers game 

06 Oct 04:06
Saved%20by%20the%20bell%20the%20age%20of%20ultprom fireant 185 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / A superhero game?

John, the bug has been biting lately, and I may come back and run a Marvel Heroic game. What genre of Supers are you most interested in?


22 Sep 13:31
Tenguprofiili DarthMauno 18 Posts

Seeking Players For A Game / Torg Eternity one-shot on Sat 23rd 12 PM CDT

Hello, I am running a Torg Eternity ( one-shot on the coming Saturday at 12 PM CDT. There are currently two (edit: three) players, but another one more would be even nicer. The scenario to be run is a Day One adventure (see and thus portrays ordinary people getting swept up in early stages of the dimensional invasion. If you are interested, please send me a PM for further details.

07 Sep 02:05
Bug 100 waubuno 3 Posts


If anyone's still interested in this thread contact me.

Jeff Bourget

03 Sep 23:49
Bug 100 waubuno 3 Posts

Seeking Players For A Game / Wildfire

I'm opening a The Void campaign.  It will draw on Mongoose Traveller for goodies that aren't in the free edition of The Void.  If you're open to saving the Solar System operating totally as black ops ( be warned I do like me puns) then this game is for you.  The Chthonian Star approaches, can you buy the Solar System time to prepare?

03 Sep 22:47
Bug 100 waubuno 3 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / Science Fiction, Pathfinder.

Hi, I'm a lonely gamer in the Northern Wilderlands of Idaho.  I've been a gamer since 1977 and am a bit rusty.  Looking for a game open to starting characters or not adverse to allowing a new player to level up to an experienced party.  Looking forward to talking to GMs or players who know of an opening.

27 Jan 01:00
Bug 100 kipling 14 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / A superhero game?

I also just got Masks, a PbtA superteen angst game (think Young Justice) but I have never played or run an Apocalypse game, so I'd want someone to run it. 



22 Jan 15:01
Bug 100 heruca 3 Posts

General / Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software

Hi folks. I am going to be creating cross-platform map-making software (for Windows and macOS), suitable for creating both print-resolution maps and lower-res maps suitable for use with virtual tabletop software. The program will be sort of a spiritual successor to Dundjinni, but with a greater focus on stitching maps together from pre-existing map tiles and then customizing the resulting map (with additional decorations, etc.) to suit the GM's particular needs.


The program should appeal to GMs of face-to-face game sessions and to those using any VTT software, who want to create their own slick-looking battlemaps to visually enrich their RPG sessions, but who find existing mapping programs (including image-editing tools such as Gimp and Photoshop) too intimidating/confusing/expensive.


In early February 2017, I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to try to fund the program's development. The software will be priced to be very accessible/affordable, likely in the $20-$25 range (at least during the Kickstarter campaign).


I'm trying to gauge public interest in this, so please let me know if such software would be of interest to you.

04 Jan 03:37
Picture?type=large Robert_Newman 9 Posts

Seeking Players For A Game / Detroit Requiem: 1947

So I haven't been around, and I don't have a great track record when it comes to interest on this website. Still, I have been interested in expanding my gamemastering horizons into territories I would normally only be a player in. So I came up with this shot in the dark idea...


Detroit Requiem: 1947

This ain't the Detroit you think you know today. This the Detroit at its meteoric rise. A soon to be Titan, built by tough, industrious muscle using cold steel and an a spirit of lustful ingenuity. A boom time, the second war to end all wars had itself ended and the citizenry was more than ready to take on the dreams of tomorrow with the strength of today.

Of course, it wasn't all glitz and glamour. Detroit was starving for its soon to be powerhouse industry, and even with the return of some soldiers from the war effort, the monoliths of Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, all needed a massive work force to facilitate the gorging feast of the ever increasing automobile industry. With that an influx of immigration began to boom through the the 1940's, particularly African Americans. Some of this influx caused a great deal of "controversy" at its time. If you want to call race riots controversy that is. All manner of people came in through the 40's, but by 47 people hoped that the pushback would slow a bit. Those people would be wrong to hope, and yet many hoped all the same.

For all its intensity and glory, its shining light against polished steel, dark shadows lurked beneath the chassis', and rust started to form amongst the edges of the bright hub caps. Detroit was not safe from the rising tide of the more organized criminal elements. The Detroit Partnership was the force of the American Cosa Nostra in the state of Michigan, nearly running the cities underground, while other gangs of various ethnic, religious, or other persuasions all ran around like rats to attempt to bite off a piece of the score.

But when it comes to that shadow I was talking about, that one under the Cadillac's hood, the mafia and street toughs ain't got nothing on other things that paint with colors just a little more... red.

Detroit was a new smorgasbord for the kindred, with the increase in population, and an ever expanding cityscape Detroit would prove to be a home for many wayward kindred long before the further booms of the War era. The kindred played their games with themselves and their meat racks. All of the core covenants found homes within the great city: The Invictus have most of their fingers in most of the pies across the city: from up and up auto relations, to illicit racketeering, booze running, and everything in between the Invictus managed to get an early foothold in the city, and like a deep and gnarled root has allowed them to remain ever present as a result. The Carthian Movement is seen as little more than the kindred form of a joke, what with the titans of industry building up the great city around them. The Carthians' don't see it that way, with communism becoming more than just a theoretical or unobtainable concept, and an influx of disenfranchised on the other the Carthians may just get their day in the sun... metaphorically speaking of course.

Second only to the Invictus are the Lancea et Sanctum. The rush of war and the changing tide of society has caused a great number of mortals to clench their hands all the tighter together as they pray just a little harder. What better time could there be for the Sanctified to do their sworn and godly duty? None, quite frankly. Thus the Sanctified have found yet another territory to pull into their flock to push them all the harder to the side of the angels. The circle of the Crone on the other hand are a different story altogether. Most of the other covenants would have you believe that no Crone has ever graced Woodward Avenue, or any other place, they would be dead wrong. The Circle is the least numerous of the covenants, but it is somehow the most secretive. A social adaptation some have said that has lingered within Detroit for a very, very long time. It's members, if you can find them play nice during polite outings and conversation, intent to insure others that it isn't religious necessarily but cultural heritage that they seek to honor, but behind deep and dark closed doors do the beasts of the Crone truly come out.

Lastly, what can be said for the Order of Dracul? The order in Detroit is partially complacent, and lazy. While not as low as the Crone or Carthians, the Order fill the unknown and nebulous middle ground of the territorial covenants. More than happy to continue tinkering into the kindred condition, like an engineer at their automobile, the Order seems to be playing the silent and careful waiting game within Kindred society.

As for the social glue that holds the true undercity together? For a long time the role of Prince was chosen almost entirely by the sheer abundance of the Invictus. Often with Sheriff and minor hounds chosen to appease the other covenants. This usually meant Invictus, Lacea et Sanctum, and to a lesser extent the Order of Dracul would find positions in the hierarchy of the city proper. With the occasional Crone and Carthian in lower hound positions, (if at all).

"The Prince is dead. Long live the Prince."
An odd event happened recently, the last prince of the city... died his final death at midnight 1947. As such the underworld has been in complete disarray with covenants, and some clans blaming one another for his death. The truth is that no one knows the truth at all, except that the Prince was ashed and no one is certain who, or what, the culprit truly is. As such, to both mourn the death and make peace amongst each other the covenants have agreed to form a makeshift coalition until a new rightful prince can be appointed again. Only time will tell if that will ever happen...

Game information:
- system: Vampire: The Requiem 2nd edition.
- Inspirational material: gangster and noir films, television, games, etc.
- (Intended) themes: 1.monsters within, monsters without- Detroit may be beautiful, but it hides its share of demons just like every person living in it. Turns out some of those "people" are more than just metaphorical monsters. 2. Can your last, and your future haunt you? - all men fear the future, and revel in their past, but sometimes when you look back all you see are shadows... 3. Can you leave everything behind? Gangsters and monsters have several things in common: they have to give up parts of themselves to earn the power, and respect they deserve, but how much can one person stand to lose before they go too far?
- Style: partial open sandbox, I would like characters and aspirations to inform a bit more of where the general game narrative flows.
- Tone: Medium Dark- this is vampire after all, and though Detroit in the 40's has this nostalgic feel it has its share of darkness and demons. Boundaries, both mine and the players should be discussed EXTENSIVELY before the game begins so that we are all clear and on the same page
- Characters: I would like a single session 0 for setting discussion and character generation. I'm still relearning the World of Darkness concepts, and getting used to 2nd ed so new players and old hats alike are certainly welcome. Once session 0 has been completed before the game fully begins I would ideally like to run a series of individual one shots with each player to play out their prelude, or how they become/became vampires. Characters will be constructed at the base/starting level, no extra experiences to start.
- Number of players: 2-5 players. I have run a lot of 2 player games so lower numbers has sort of become my wheelhouse for running RPGs, however if five people are interested that is find as well!

16 Nov 02:51
20160702 081132 Halrom 2 Posts


Im still interested.

14 Nov 03:34
Bug 100 zoolian 2 Posts


Looking to get a 3.5 campaign going in d20pro.  Custom world.  I want to find serious players that can typically play at least once a week, so no reason to start too quickly.

Up for being a player instead also.

14 Nov 03:30
Bug 100 zoolian 2 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / New to Infrno, Looking for a Game

Looking to get a 3.5 campaign going in d20pro.  Custom world.  I want to find serious players that can typically play at least once a week, so no reason to start too quickly.

26 Oct 23:00
Bug 100 fattboba 1 Post

Seeking A Game To Play / Looking for

Hello I am Alec and I am looking for either a game based on the dnd system or the one I'm looking for more Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. I would love to try Marvl Heroic Roleplaying with a group.

Thank for replying in advance


Alec McKee

02 Oct 01:41
Bug 100 irvanovich 1 Post

Seeking A Game To Play / New to Infrno, Looking for a Game

Just signed up this evening, thought I'd give it a go. Looking for a game to play, I'd prefer Pathfinder or oWoD, but I'm open to just about anything, and more than willing to learn almost any system.

09 Aug 03:53
Nxsgopx thelazyblank 5 Posts

Seeking Players For A Game / Feng Shui 2,Looking For Players

Looking for players for a Feng Shui 2 game I'm running. Time is likely going to be 10am PST (6 pm UTC) every other Sunday, but willing to shift the time around if needed a little. It won't be first come first served directly through the site, but either message me here or, for those who have Mike Athey's discord server, you can hit me up there.


22 Jul 03:19
166px sneeringimperialist2 SGTDan 41 Posts

Seeking A Game To Play / Back and Looking

Anyone got room in their games for a seasoned roleplayer?

02 Jul 15:22
20160702 081132 Halrom 2 Posts


Im interested in playing

27 Jun 22:25
4668f52c5d04ee89d852760503b8fbb8 Tyriless 56 Posts

General / Does D20pro have any players?

As far as I know, it's not being used by anyone on the site.

27 Jun 22:22
4668f52c5d04ee89d852760503b8fbb8 Tyriless 56 Posts

Seeking Players For A Game / Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Looking for two more players

Looking for two more players to join us in a game of traveling performance troupe that are secretly ninjas. The GM is a fellow by Mike Athey and he's pretty awesome. We are new to the system and will be learning it alongside any new players so rules knowledge isn't a must, but is handy.

The game is being run on Tuesday Nights at 9:00 EST and next session will be the 5th of July. The system is called Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, and it's very similiar to Exalted and old World of Darkness games. The setting is similiar to what you would find in the The Last Airbender, Naruto, and Ninja Scroll. If interested feel free to respond here. We wil be using a program called Discord for chat, though you can also use it in your browser.


27 Jun 18:17
Bug 100 JCrow 3 Posts

General / Does D20pro have any players?

Im debating getting D20pro but i cant find any games barely at all. If you play on there let me know or direct me to games please

27 Jun 18:16
Bug 100 JCrow 3 Posts


I wanted to see if i could get enough interest in people playing Basic Fantasy RPG on D20pro, as im considering getting it. I cant seem to find many games for it though. Any suggestions?

27 Jun 02:10
Bug 100 JCrow 3 Posts


Im looking to start or join a Basic Fantasy RPG game. If anyone know of one or has interest in joining one on d20 proplease message me as soon as possible. Thank you Its really fun and the info s all free at

21 Jun 20:51
Thessaly 300x300 clorang 24 Posts

Beta Feedback / No chat?!

Alas, the chat lately is down more often than it is up. Some of us are looking into alternatives. In the meantime, there is a group of about 40 Infrno chatters on Skype, and a smaller, quieter one on Google Hangouts. If you PM me your skype or your google info I can add you to either group.