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Issue #30 – Time Crisis Part 4: What is Hope?

The Secret Sentinels arrive in the alley of a large city, but Brother Donovan is not with them. He was separated from the rest of the team as they traversed through the multiversal tunnel. It is around 9pm. There are posters plastered to a nearby building that read: re-elect Calvin...

President Barack O Llama re-elected

The animals have spoken! President Barack O Llama has been re-elected as president of the United Species of America!  

Issue #29 – Time Crisis Part 3: Monday Night... Cartoons!

Location: Furrier Hotel, Follywood, Califurnia, United Species of America, Earth C   The heroes are in their hotel rooms and they all see a debate for the upcoming presidential election between Barack O Llama, Mutt Romney, and Ralph Gator. During the debate the candidates discuss the devolution crisis and tie...

Issue #28 – Time Crisis Part 2: Earth to Sentinels

Cold Snap, Velocitos and Brother Donovan are inside the Justice Society Brownstone. They are sitting at a large wooden table with Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl, Codename: Atom, and Mister Terrific. The Fly and Zero are hiding in the heating duct directly above them, eavesdropping. During their conversation, Zero and...

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The Fly: Year Five

  • The Fly
  • Tue, Oct 16, 2012
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  • Age: 20 Jason's fifth year of being the Fly was his most perilous, and also his most rewarding. He finds himself in many crazy situations, but the most heart racing and anxiety inducing happened on the early morning of July 13th. It wasn't an alien attack or a defeat at...

    Brother Donovan, Year Three

  • Brother Donovan
  • Mon, Oct 01, 2012
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  • The Battle for Earth   The Blue lantern Corps now has fifteen full lanterns; training for the better part of the year has left the entire corps tired, but at the same time ready to take up their place in the universe. After a weeks worth of rest and meditation,...

    Lowest Common Denominators 2012

  • Zero
  • Tue, Oct 30, 2012
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  • Here are some of Zero's LCD operatives as of 2012: Beirut Baykal: Turkish mercenary, lost son in terrorist attack Chicago Colby: Ex-mobster, informant on the run Gabarone Shandra Owiti: Smuggler, pilot, relief worker Hong Kong Xiao: Hacker, rare skin condition Kabul Naseem: Opium smuggler, CIA informant London Clover Hill: Ex-Olympic...

    1 Down

  • Cold Snap
  • Tue, Nov 13, 2012
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  • I can't believe we just stormed the White House and took out the dictator of America! I' not even sure how my powers work and the universe is hanging in the balance. Thank god for the rest of the Hero's without Brother D, Fly, Zero, and Velocitus theres no way...

    Where Do Superpowers Come From?

  • Velocitos
  • Tue, Nov 20, 2012
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  • I haven't had much time to consider this question, but where did the humans develop their amazing abilities? Are the powers a gift from the Red and the Green? If so that implies that my case may not be as special as I had previously considered. I don't think the...

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    Action, suspense, and romance in the new DC Universe!


    The players and the game master are the writers and illustrators of the Secret Sentinels comic book. Together, we are telling the stories and adventures of 5 costumed heroes in the new DC Universe.

    Style of play

    Deep role playing, high action without battle maps, heavily steeped in DC lore, and just a tad self-aware.


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