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Issue #16 - Legacies

RODGER contacts the Legionnaires on board the Carrier and tells them that he is once more operational. He relays information about the situation at the Sphere of Influence base, where Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, and T.O. Morrow are confronting Per Degaton, currently disguised as "Pierre Dayton". Dr. Strong's colleague in...

Issue #15 - Empire Falls

Backed up by Red Robin and Kid Flash, the Legionnaires take on the would-be Revenge Squad outside of the Crucible. During the battle, SUVs are tossed, a mole machine is dropped onto the Mole, and several fires are started. Hoplite, Shiv, Hotstreak, Nashoba and many Bang Babies are taken down...

Ambush Bug's Comics Grab Bag

The following comics are found in the Santa sack that Ambush Bug left at Planet 52 Comics: Action Comics #1, 1938 The first appearance of Superman. Detective Comics #27, 1939 The first appearance of Batman. Detective Comics #38, 1940 The first appearance of Robin. All-Star Comics #3, 1940 The formation...

Issue #14 - Buggin' Out: Electric Bugaloo

Prelude Several nights before Christmas, Jason Troy is shocked by a visit from Ambush Bug to his comic book store in Faulkner Heights. The slapstick superhero shares a bunch of classic DC Comics he feels will bring "history" back to the universe, something he feels is currently lacking. The Bug...

Sphere of Influence Prototype Test Preparation

Internal Memorandum TOP SECRET PROJECT AEGIS EYES ONLY Overseeing Personnel: Director Bones, General David Daffron, Doctor Pierre Dayton, Doctor Steven Strong Attending Guests: General Joe Higgins, Dr. Ray Palmer, The Shield II Test Date: January 1st, 2009, 12:00 AM AEGIS Prototype Components – Developer(s): Nth Metal Housing, Projector Arms –...

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Terrence Park

  • Static Shock
  • Mon, Oct 08, 2012
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  • Terrence Park was spending New Year's Eve like he does every year, at work and alone. When the REGDOR virus hit, all hell broke loose at Sinai. Terrence watched as the virus literally destroyed years of work. His life was falling apart before his eyes. He managed to tear his...


  • The Myrmidon
  • Thu, Oct 04, 2012
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  • Raul had just finished off another round at the Jack Rabbit Hollow Tavern as the ball dropped. "Happy New Year..." he muttered to himself as he grabbed another bottle of Jack. As the ball descended the bar was filled with the grating teen anthem, "It's Friday!" by Rebecca Black. "DJ...

    Suzie Davis: Little Pink Dress

  • Star Spangled Kid (New 52)
  • Mon, Oct 08, 2012
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  • I don't know why I'm suprised.  You would think that I would have him figured out by this point, but no. I still let myself be suprised(and ultimately disapointed) in Sylvester. Here I am, in my favorite little pink dress, waiting for over an hour on Sylvester. He promised to...

    BREAKING NEWS: Lex Luthor Released From Sciencells

  • SkullO'Mania
  • Tue, Jul 24, 2012
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  • This is Vicky Vale with Breaking News, coming from the UN, it had been decided between the many nations and the representatives of the green and blue lantern crops, that Lantern do not have the right to  detain and deport criminals from the planet no matter how harsh their crime....

    About this game

    Adventures in the DC Universe: Legacies (working title) is a continuation of John Cook's DC Adventures campaign centered on the Secret Sentinels, a home-brewed hero team. It will follow several new heroes (PL 10) and their own escapades in the same setting. While it will focus on these characters almost exlusively, the Sentinels will make some cameo appearances, and we may explore some of the events that made their name famous around the world - just from a new perspective.


    The DC Universe is about legacies. The Golden Age. The Silver Age. The Bronze Age. Heroes passing on mantles to their protégés. Teachers and students. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. In the DCU, the sense of family and history is part of the very fiber of the universe.

    This DC Adventures campaign will explore some of that fictional history through the eyes of several up-and-coming superheroes combating a new threat to the world. Advised and mentored by heroes of the past, allied with heroes of the present, and providing an example for the heroes yet-to-be, they will contribute their own fabric to the tapestry of this classic setting. 

    I'm still thinking about possible ways to bring the PCs together, and there's a strong chance we'll focus on a single fictional city as their base of operations throughout the campaign. 

    Style of play

    This is meant to be a spiritual successor to the Secret Sentinels game, so the emphasis will be on traditional four-color superheroics using the DC Universe as the backdrop. While the heroes may have personal challenges to overcome, we're mostly looking at the upside of being a costumed crimefighter and how your characters can help improve their world. A special emphasis will be on the individual subplots, supporting cast, and personal lives of our heroes. 

    A big theme I'm pushing for in this one is "legacies"; how your heroes relate to their forebears, how they relate to their own families, and how the actions of all of the above have consequences on future generations.

    Some basic tips for characters in this game:

    * Think about what ties your character has (or may discover) to the tradition of dressing up in a costume and fighting bad guys. Is he one of a long line of heroes to take on a particular mantle? What can he learn from the past? Is he trying to escape someone's shadow?

    * Be flexible about what city you use as your base of operations. I'd really like to have all of your PCs live and work in the same general area, though I've not yet picked a specific city. Chances are it'd be one of the many fictional towns in DC's America, probably one which doesn't already have a lot of heroes. We'll discuss this at our first session.

    * Have some ideas for a supporting cast and a life for your dude apart from the spandex set. Its been a big feature in our other game and I'd like to continue making it a focus in this one. 

    * Know what your Motivation is and have some ideas for other Complications. 

    * Allow for change/growth/surprises. While I don't plan on rewriting the DC Universe or creating paradoxes with our Secret Sentinels continuity, part of the fun of this game is seeing how our own story and characters develop.