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Introducing Marvel's newest mysterious mutant: Daredevil!

  • Marvel Tales 1964 Presents:
  • Sat, Feb 07, 2015
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  • Matt Murdock was born to Harriet & Chuck "Battling" Murdock, a nurse and a professional boxer. Born blind, but otherwise healthy as an ox, Matt was a precocious child. Exceptionally intelligent, and happy, Matt was the light in his parent's lives. Growing up worshiping his mighty father, Matt started improving...

    Marvel Tales: Allowed Use of XP

  • Marvel Tales 1964 Presents:
  • Sat, Apr 26, 2014
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  • As I said before I am tweaking some of the costs of XP spending from what it says in the book. The allowed uses of Xp are as follows.You Can Spend 5 Xp For The Following:1. Replace an existing Distinction with a new one2. Add A limit in a power...

    Issue 3: Namor & The Evil Mutants

  • Marvel Tales 1964 Presents:
  • Wed, Dec 04, 2013
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  • (First off, I love this cover. It almost looks like a Mike Alred art piece)   Issue 3: Namor & The Evil Mutants Act 1: Danger We begin issue 3 with a shot inside Xavier's mansion, where the youthful members of the X-Men are in their civilian garb, enjoying a...

    Saturday's edition of Marvel tales Issue 2 "Marked For Destruction By Dr Doom" Full Live Stream recording!

  • Marvel Tales 1964 Presents:
  • Mon, Nov 25, 2013
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  • This was an awesome session of my Marvel Tales game, and this group of players really did some cool stuff during the game. We had fun rp moments, lots of traps that they overcame in intelligent ways, and a brutal fight against Dr Doom. Near deaths, a major change in...

    Module for Issue 1 of Marvel Tales 1964

  • Marvel Tales 1964 Presents:
  • Sat, Nov 23, 2013
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  • So here is the breakdown of the module for last weekend's adventure. I tried to give basic scene set ups, so you as Watcher can improvise dialog and such. Usually during the transition scenes, I'll use the dialog from the actual issue, for the villain exposition. So, without further ado,...

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    Let's Yap With Cap

  • Captain America 1964 (Group A)
  • Thu, Sep 25, 2014
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  • Dear Steve, Imagine my surprise to learn that not only is Captain America still alive, but that he was the hapless Private Rogers! You sure had the wool pulled over all our eyes with that clumsy idiot act. If only I had known! Well, that’s all water under the bridge....

    Drab to Fab! Issue 1

  • The Wasp 1964 (Group A)
  • Thu, Oct 09, 2014
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  •               Issue 1: The Fantastic Four!                Hello there, dear reader! My name is 'The Wasp', and it is my sincere pleasure today to help you navigate what is drab and what is fab in today's modern superhero scene! Everyday,...

    X-Men Meet the Kinks

  • Iceman 1964 (Group C)
  • Sun, Mar 09, 2014
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  • From Bobby Drake's journal: Well the Kinks concert was great!  I brought my LP in hopes of getting it signed (just the cover actually, I didn't want to risk damaging the record). I didn't think the others would want to wait with me but fortunately Jeannie and Jeremy* were excited...

    About this game

    created at: 10/27/2013

    It's 1964, and the world is changing. While there are grand tales of wonderous heroes during the second world war, sightings of any marvels since have been few and far between.

    Suddenly we have reports of strange, uncanny, astonishing, & incredible happenings taking place. A new breed of marvels are emerging. Old gods have awakened, while new demi-gods walk the earth. It's a scary, but exciting time to be alive. 

    Science has risen to new hights, and some wonder if this Atomic Age of advancement may have played a part in the birth of the "new man". Unknown to many, magic has also seen a rebirth, with a new Sorceror Supreme having been established.

    In pop culture, 'Rock N Roll' & 'Rhythm & Blues' are where it's at. The 'British Invasion' has influenced the world, and music is fresh, exciting, and fun. At the movies, James Bond, Audrey Hepburn, & Mary Poppins are tops. Bonanza, Bewitched, & Gomer Pile are fab on American television. It sure is an amazing time to be alive.

    Some  powerful & colourful beings are here to help mankind, but not all. Some are twisted individuals, bent on using technology, science, and superpowers to serve their own selfish desires. There are powerful organizations hidden in the corners of the world such as S.H.I.E.L.D who are looking out for us, while Hydra wants to enslave us.

     created at: 10/27/2013

    It's 1965, and the world is changing!



    I want to have a game where the players take on the roles of the earliest Marvel characters, such as the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the original X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp & Giant-Man, Daredevil, The Hulk, & Dr Strange.

    In my mind, I think the original set up should start with each player having one member of the Fantastic Four,  a member of the original X-Men, and then each pick one of the remaining listed characters, so everyone basically starts with three. For example, one player may have the Human Torch, but also Spider-Man.  As the campaign progresses I would start to introduce other characters organically in the stories, and the players could "unlock" those characters for use in future games. So after a few adventures, players would have a stable of heroes that they could bring on adventures. I've done game where the players have revolving characters, and it can be quite fun.

    Beyond the revolving character mechanic, the game would be a way for us to start at ground zero within the classic Marvel Universe, and give the players a way to  organically build the history with their choices. The set ups will be very grounded in Marvel history, but player choices can easily change the status quo. For instance, I will be running adventures based on the original classic stories, but the choices the players make may change the outcome from the original stories. This way we are paying homage to the era, but also shaping the world organically.

    For example, One of the early adventures we may run would be a FF tale dealing with the irrepressable Impossible Man. In the comic where he was introduced, the FF found that they could not defeat him with their usual mean, and instead defeated him simply by ignoring the attention starved alien, essentially inflicting emotional stress on him. While the set up will allow the players to recreate this classic tale, they could easily change the outcome by maybe talking sense into the alien, therefor inflicting mental stress instead and getting a similar result. or they may in fact find a way to physically defeat him, maybe by Reed creating some sort of cosmic teleportation device(asset or resource) that sends him back to his own planet. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and die rolls. So while the set ups will be familiar, the results are completely up to the players. The world we start in will have almost no cannonical baggage at all, and that is the beauty of the game, you get to recreate the Marvel Universe one brick at a time, while keeping the spirit of that work intact. Eventually we could move onto the 70's, 80's & beyond if the game goes well and we are all having fun.

    Style of play

    We will be using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. I will make the initial pregens and will arrange them into three groups, but as the games progress, more characters will be available for unlock, going into one of the three groups.  Each player will choose a character from group 1, 2, & 3. Each week I will announce which group of characters we are using, either group 1, group 2, or group 3.

    These new characters will be available to unlock by each player by spending their XP. New costumes, vehicles, equipment, weapons, and abilities can eventually be bought as well.

    Tone is important, and you will be awarded for good roleplaying, discriptions, & keeping within the tone and setting.

    Adventures each week will be based on actual classic Marvel comics, but through gameplay players can affect this history and make it their own.