Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides

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    GM: Magnus
    • Game is open for registration
    • Age range: 13 to 100
    • Player seats: 5
    • Alternate seats: 0
  • Day: Sun, Jan 25, 2015
  • Time: 11:00PM UTC
  • Game created: Fri, Jan 16, 2015
  • Last update: Mon, Jan 01, 2018
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    Rogues Gallery - Magda Vyrlich

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Tue, Jan 02, 2018
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  • Magda Vyrlich NG Human Wizard 7   Magda Viylich is the wife of Mayor Anton Vyrlich and an instructor of young wizards, having learned the art herself as a young woman growing up in Hergstag. There are not many who could otherwise afford the cost of wizard training in a...

    Rogues Gallery - Brother Markus

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Sun, Nov 29, 2015
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  •   LN Human Cleric (the Whispering Wind) 7   Like so many other arrivals over the last several years, Brother Markus of the Whispering Wind is a transplant in Hannsport.  Surprisingly young at twenty three years old, Markus was a bit of a prodigy in his native land of Hergstag....

    Legacy Tales - Hell's Basement

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Sun, Nov 29, 2015
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  •     Constabe Dreng filled the party in on the situation at the jail, and told them they could keep whatever they found securing whatever was down there, and a base fee of 10 GP each, supplemented as appropriate for 'hazard pay.' Accepting the deal, the heroes descended into the...

    Autumn Gales

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Sun, Nov 15, 2015
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  •   Anton Vyrlich and Mamadou Dreng looked at each other blankly and then looked back down into the gaping darkness of the hole that had formed in the floor of the watchpost's lone jail cell.   "A dark omen,  it is, Mam'ou," the councilman muttered to himself. "A sign of...

    The Traveller's Blessing

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Sun, Nov 15, 2015
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  •     It took a moment for Bondisario's eyes to adjust to the dim light inside the cabin of the narrow river barge.  Although the sun shone brightly outside, the interior of the small space was kept intentionally dark by its lone occupant.   Bowing before the head of his...

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    Dark Traditions & Family Ties

  • Donaghast
  • Wed, Mar 07, 2018
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  • Donaghast looked down, considering the raven tattoo on the back of his hand that marked him as a member of the Szorinazi clan, a name he made no claim to nor had he ever used.  It was tradition for Lovari clans to mark their members in such a way at...

    About this game


    In a small village at the end of the world, a haunted lord sits brooding on his throne as a dark tide rises . . .



    Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides is a new campaign that takes place in our sandbox Primordia setting.  It is a private game that occurs at Scotty's house, much as they have over the last 25 years . . .

    The campaign is a series of one shots based in the northern coastal village of Hannsport and is geared for a rotating cast of player characters.

    The setting is roughly western medieval in tone, but enhanced by the fantastic and bizarre.

    This page is a recap for events as they occur.

    Style of play


    Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides uses the Core Rulebook from the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.


    Additional House Rules:

    Ability Scores use 15 point buy

    There are no evil alignments allowed

    We are not using hero points

    Characters begin with two traits and players can request specific Golarion-based religion traits subject to GM approval

    Characters at the beginning of the campaign start at 1st level

    There are no deities in this campaign as 'arcane' and 'divine' and other mystic energies are inherently a feature of this game world and players are free to explore the 'source' of such energies whether via study or faith or bloodlines or other paths of discovery

    Characters get max HP at first level and average hit points per hit die every level thereafter.

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  • Sat, Jan 17, 2015

    k so we'll see how this goes.  with no overarching campaign story arc this time, its fine if everyone cant make it to each session.  I am going to do my best to make each session self contained.  there will be recurring NPC's, and so forth, and of course a story continuum based on what happens, but thats about it.

    the only overarching stories are going to be character arcs, and depend entirely on whether the palyers want to invest themselves in such things.  some will, and some won't.  its all good.

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  • Sat, Feb 07, 2015

    As of today (2/7/15) no one has offered up any choices for a sourcebook to be included yet.  Scotty and Lefty have passed on choosing, and Erick has not decided.


    Could it be that the PRD has so much to offer, there is no need for other stuff?!?!?

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  • Tue, Jun 23, 2015

    RECAP through June 2015:

    Twitch level 2.5

    Darmok level 2.5

    Hadencrest level 1.5

    Unnamed Sorceress level 1.5

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  • Sun, Nov 01, 2015

    Alright everyone update to 3rd level in anticipation of picking this up again.

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  • Sat, Nov 14, 2015

    First  Sourcebook chosen is . . . (drumroll)



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  • Sun, Feb 21, 2016

    Just noticed in the PRD that Occult Adentures has been added, as well as Pathfinder Unchained.


    With PFU, no crunch is automatically added to the campaign.  It IS available however upon request and approval.

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  • Tue, Jan 02, 2018

    Becasue we are contemplating a restart for this campaign, there are no evil alignments for PC's and we are restricting to the Core Rulebook.  All other House Rules apply.

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