Mike Athey

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InfrnoCon GM Bug Hunter InfrnoCon 3 InfrnoCon 4 InfrnoCon 5 World's Mightiest Mortal DC Comics Fanboy I Survived the Contest of Champions Secret Sentinel Idea Man Horse Puncher Teeth Cleaning InfrnoCon 6 Metalicious! Epipheneia - "manifestation, striking appearance" Secret Sentinels Volume 1 *Fist Bump* The Professor InfrnoCon 7 Bringing home the BACON Avengers: The Initiative I Am A Secret Avenger Adventures in the DC Universe Continuity Editor Amazing GM! Dungeon World, baby! Monster Hunter! InfrnoCon 8 OctaNe, baby! Infrno Community Spotlight: Blogs A Weird Western Tale Special Delivery! Avengers: A Day Like No Other Don't Rest Your Head CLASS D Castle Falkenstein One Mean Hombre A Walk in the Shadows "The Evil League of Evil (GMs)" I Play Guys When I Damn Well Want To! Mecha-Knight of the Monsterpocalypse Fear Itself Night's Black Agent
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  • Comments - Zero, Year Five

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  • Wed, Oct 24, 2012

    Nice, good work! I love the hard travelin' zeroes!

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