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Session 3 (Miniseries Finale) Journal Entry

  • Raidah, The Chosen
  • Sat, Jun 07, 2014
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  • Dear Mom and Dad, If you’re reading this, then I broke out. There’s so much I want to say. I just wish I knew how to do it. It’s never been my strong suit. So this is going to be brief. I know you didn’t believe me and still don’t....

    About me

    Name: Raidah

    Origin: the chosen guardian

    Look: outcast with unwavering eyes

    Stats: Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile 2, Dark -1

    Darkest Self

    None of your friends can help. They’re not strong like you are. You need to chase down the biggest threat imaginable, immediately and alone. Any challenges or dangers that you encounter must be faced head on, even if they might kill you. You escape your Darkest Self when someone comes to your rescue or you wake up in the hospital, whichever comes first.

    Sex Move

    When you have sex, heal all of your wounds, and cure all of your Conditions. If they disgust you, give them a String. If you disgust yourself, give them a String.



    When you spare someone you have reason to kill, take a String on them.

    Take the Blow


    When you leap into the way and take the blow instead of someone else, roll with Volatile. On a 10 up, you take the harm instead of them, but reduce it by 1. • On a 7-9, you take the harm instead of them.


    They locked you up, in a hospital built to house the criminally insane. You almost died to keep Misty Harbour safe from vampires and werewolves, and they rewarded your efforts with a charge of multiple homicide.


    Misty Harbour locked you away. And maybe they don’t deserve your help, but they definitely need it. They need someone strong enough to fight back the cultists and the monsters. They need a champion. They can’t do it alone. That’s why you broke free. That’s why you’ve come home.

    Someone else would describe me as...

    created at: 05/26/2014

    Character relationships

    One of the PCs is a past lover. Choose who. Give them two Strings on you, and take one String on them.

    The other PC is a past foe. Give them one String on you, and take two Strings on them.