Octavian Euseka : Character profile

About me

Name: Octavian Euseka


Gender: Male


Age: 31


Height: 5'10"


Weight: 60kg


Dominant hand: Left


Eye colour: Brown


Skin colour: Pale grey


Hair colour: Brown 


Build: Slight, bad posture


Distinguishing characteristics: Bald patch in the hairline above his left eye as a result of a shotgun blast to the head. Incessant desire to drink any liquids in a glass.


Family: Mother (Xerafin Euseka), Father (Eratosthenes Euseka)


Backstory: Grew up on the Spacehulk Akaishuju. Though not detected for some time, evidence of his latent psyker powers can retrospectively be seen from his youth. He was no stranger to feats of extreme luck or apparent precognition. Though other than this he was for the most part an average person.

One month after his 22nd birthday he experienced an overwhelming sensation of terror to the point that he felt physically ill. On route to the medical facility a roaring crash sounded throughout the ship. The event that followed left Octavian permanently scarred and well on the way to truly insane. 

A bio-pod containing a mass of Genestealers crashed at a tremendous speed directly into the space hulk, the entry point right in the residential area. The majority of the population was massacred within an hour. Octavian, tagging along with a group of armed guards and various other residents made their way toward the escape pods. Though they went as swiftly as they could several genestealers caught the group. Octavian, sprinting ahead prepped the nearest pod for departure. While the guards attempted the fight off the genestealers and were inevitably slaughtered, Octavian in a moment of pure cowardice fired off the escape pod. Then the sole occupant of the escape pod, he drifted alone for two weeks before finally being picked up by an imperial fleet. At this point Octavian was on the verge of insanity, babbling to himself.

Luckily an imperial psyker onboard the ship he was rescued to sensed his potential and provided him with exceptional medical care and the basic training of his psychic powers. Under the tutorage of this psyker Octavian eventually became an officially sanctioned Imperial Psyker. However, as a result of his Void Born background, never had opportunity for career advancement. Given nothing but menial jobs, Octavian had become content and apathetic. That is until out of nowhere the summons from an inquisitor arrived. Now the fate of Octavian Euseka has begun to be realised...