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Blue Lantern Secret Sentinels – Founding Member Insulting Lex Luthor Temple of Adara The 1st Annual Extraordinary Carnival of Wonders (sponsored by Twitti) Green Lantern Earth 2 Earth C Hi Sun! Donovan Michaels of Earth 23

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  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Alignment/ethics: Blue Light of Hope: There Is always Hope
  • Skin color: Black
  • Age: 27
  • Astrological sign: Gemini
  • Height : 6'3"
  • Weight: 225
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color & style: Short
  • Fashion sense: relaxed Formal
  • Place of birth: Gotham
  • Current residence: Sector 2814/Odym
  • Relationship status: Engaged
  • Weapon of choice: BluePower Ring, Grenn Power Ring


  • Level: PL12

Brother Donovan : Character profile

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Brother Donovan, Year Three

  • Brother Donovan
  • Mon, Oct 01, 2012
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  • The Battle for Earth   The Blue lantern Corps now has fifteen full lanterns; training for the better part of the year has left the entire corps tired, but at the same time ready to take up their place in the universe. After a weeks worth of rest and meditation,...

    The Decree Of Adara

  • Brother Donovan
  • Mon, Oct 01, 2012
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  • Upon the near destruction of our home world and central power battery, the elder members of the blue lantern corps have seen fit to set forth a list of principles, to better ensure the corps survival and to better prepare all brothers and sisters for the trails they will face...

    Brother Donovan, Year Two

  • Brother Donovan
  • Sat, Sep 01, 2012
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  • Sinai Reborn With the invention of the replicator, advances in Robotics, and nanotechnology , the company that Donovan almost lost rose from the ashes as the authority is interstellar research,  and technology that benefitted off of mankind. Donovan also made give much of his money and tech, to help dissolve...

    Sinai Tower Completed

  • Brother Donovan
  • Sat, Jun 23, 2012
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  • People in Gotham city have been talking and now that that the dust has cleared on the construction site it clear, the new titan in the Gotham city skyline is Sinai Tower. You may recognize that name as the company that went under almost 8 years ago. With the invention...

    Ring log #200070279

  • Brother Donovan
  • Thu, Jun 14, 2012
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  •   ***************************Incoming Transmission************************   Subject: The Future of the Sentinels   Witness: Brother Donovan of Sector 2814   Status: Ongoing   Ugency: 11D                   With the construction of the temple well underway and in the good hands of Lantern Stewart, I returned...

    About me



    Donovan Michaels was an only child born to two loving parents. As a young boy he was always trying to get where he shouldn’t get to, or to places he was not allowed to be. As a small child in school he was always the ring leader in any mischief that happened around the school.




    When he was ten he was introduced to the sport of rock climbing. In the huge gym in downtown Gotham he competed in many advanced rock climbing. Gaining much experience in practice and in mistakes resulting in broken bones, Donovan became strong willed brave individual.




    As an adult Donovan traveled the world climbing anything that was said to be too dangerous to brave, making trips to such mountains as Everest, K2, Fitz Roy, Mt. Vinson, And The Matterhorn.  To the public his most prestigious accomplishment was with the help of his former partner Jerome Coleman he created the Kronus Mark 3 life support suit. Made you keep the body and safe temperature and to warn the wearer of low oxygen levels or contagions it was picked up on a contract by the United States Military, this was the birth of Sinai Technologies. Even after all his success Donovan never stopped doing what he loved. On a climb contracted by Gotham University, He would fall to his Destiny. A faulty rope gave way and he feel 60 feet to the rocks below, most of his bones were broken including his back. In a coma for the next five months, his traitor partner took the time to steal the company from under his nose. Donovan woke up with nothing, but his injuries, and faith that things would work themselves out. Despite his faith, Donovan never gave up hope, separating himself from the world he retreated to the most private parts of his sole, searching for the will to live, searching for hope, that all was not lost, he found that in his daughter, one of the few people that did not turn their back on him, she was the spark that he needed.




    One evening while he tinker with  one of his new inventions on his balcony, she was approached by a alien entity glowing bright with blue light.




    “Donovan Michaels Of Earth you have the ability to Instill great Hope, I Sister Sercy, Welcome you to The Blue Lantern Corps, Rise.”


    With his ring he was once again able to walk, feeling stronger than he ever had, he followed his recruiter to the Corps Homeworld of Odym, and Here he was taught the ways of a blue lantern and on how he was to be a beacon to the galaxy. For the next year he would go back and forth from earth and Odym, periodically going on missions to save the galaxy from the grip of fear and rage. Donovan proved that humans had their ability to use all spectrums not just Will and fear.


    With his spirit Finally mended Donovan reintroduced himself to the world, with his ring he could walk again, but he had to fake being crippled to avoid suspicion. In an attempt to see where his company has been taken but his black hearted business partner, he has traveled to the International Technology expo In New Yory City, There he would see what became of his stolen comapany, hopeing to get it back one day.





    1.  Roots Of Hope: Brother Donovan is unable( and unwilling) to heal his spinal injuries using his ring, in the event of his ring being taken from him, his permanent paralysis  will be revealed and he will be completely defenseless.


    2.Rage: Every blue lantern has lost much, and all of them must resist succumbing to the rage  that haunts their hearts, for Donovan if anything happened to his beloved daughter, he would finally be taken by  a red power  ring that has followed him since his accident and become a terror of the universe The Red Lantern  “Priest

    3.Faulty Ring Filter: Brother Donovan’s hope is so powerful that it often creates constructs when it was not his intention, this can get him into trouble sometimes especially when he is trying to e sneaky 


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  • Wed, Nov 02, 2011

    Looks great! I've always liked the Blue Lantern Corps. Maybe this adventure will take us to planet Odym...

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  • Wed, Nov 02, 2011

    yeah they have always been my favorite of all the corps, and if we ever make it to Odym that would be beyond epic lol

  • Wed, Dec 07, 2011

    Joe! You need a ring log!!! I did my journal entry and an interview get on it bud!

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  • Tue, Dec 20, 2011

    Saint Walker

    Saint Walker: Brother Donovan, please submit a report to us on the performance of Recruit Ug'hor. This mission was one of his final examinations. We will be using your report when we make our final decision regarding his membership of our Corps.

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  • Tue, Jan 17, 2012

    Your daughter is dating a superhero!

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