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Session 11 Journal Entry

  • Christopher Harkness III
  • Sat, May 02, 2015
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  • Another e-mail to Professor McClannahan Professor, Hope you’ve been having a good summer… or as good as possible, anyway. You’d know if I’d found out anything about Jackson. I hope he’ll be all right... or as all right as possible, anyway. Something else has come up. We may be taking...

    Session 10 Journal Entry

  • Christopher Harkness III
  • Wed, Apr 08, 2015
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  • Professor, I’m really sorry about what happened to Jackson. I’ve been trying to find him, I have. I am sure you’ve been trying too. It’s been hard. My parents have been breathing down my neck and I can’t afford to get any more trouble right now. But I’ve been trying....

    Session 8/9 Journal Entry

  • Christopher Harkness III
  • Tue, Mar 17, 2015
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  • Hello readers, There is not going to be much to this entry. I wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting on this blog for a while. There’s at least one video on YouTube that will explain why. No, I will not be answering any questions about that...

    Session 7 Journal Entry

  • Christopher Harkness III
  • Sat, Jan 31, 2015
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  • Hello readers, Another brief update. Thanks so much for continuing to check this out. I survived (literally and metaphorically) speaking another semester! It’s been full of challenges and not just the academic kinds. Things between me and my girl are going well. She’s something special, let me tell you. My...

    Session 6 Journal Entry

  • Christopher Harkness III
  • Sat, Dec 20, 2014
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  • The following is an e-mail to Professor McClannahan: Hey Professor, I hope you’re alright, it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. Jackson’s been pretty helpful but… yeah, I think we need your expertise. Turns out that Bobbi, Daphne, Jason, Olivia, and I have been having similar dreams for...

    About me

    Name: Christopher Harkness III

    Major: Kinesiology

    Extracurriculars: Athletics (Football- Running Back)


    Agility d6
    Smarts d6
    Spirit d6
    Strength d8
    Vigor d8


    Charisma 0
    Pace 6"
    Parry 6
    Toughness 6

    Academics -1


    Driving (Agility) d4
    Fighting (Agility) d8

    Intimidation (Spirit) d6

    Knowledge- Anatomy (Smarts) d6

    Notice  (Smarts) d6

    Persuasion (Spirit) d6

    Streetwise (Smarts) d4

    Stealth (Agility) d6

    Taunt (Smarts) d4

    Local Favorite

    Psychically Sensitive

    Danger Sense

    Overconfident (M)

    Vengeful (m)

    Overprotective Parents (m)


    First Aid Kit ($25)

    Heavy Club ($20)

    Flashlight ($20)

    Compass, Professional ($30)

    Pick-Up Truck (Flaw- Doppelganger)

    Cash- $405



    -5 XP - raised Strength (d6 to d8)

    -10 XP- raised Knoweldge Anatomy (d4 to d6)

    - 15 XP- raised Notice (d4 to d6)

    - 20 XP- raised Smarts (d4 to d6)

    -25 XP-  New Edge (Danger Sense)


    The Harkness family has been in Pinebox, Texas for several generations, owners and operators of The Five O'Clock Shadow, a local restaurant and brewery. Christopher Harkness II married his high school sweetheart, Deborah Greystone, who now works as a librarian at the Sibley-Smith Memorial Library.

    Christopher Harkness III's childhood was a fairly happy one. Christopher displayed a natural athleticism from an early age, which delighted his father. Unable to fulfill his own dreams of being a professional athlete, he lived vicariously through his son. His father enrolled him in junior football as soon as he could.

    And Christopher rather enjoyed it. Even as early as junior high, he was getting a reputation for being a player to watch. He didn't disappoint when he started playing for the Pine Box High School football team. He was not an exceptionally bright individual but he wasn't stupid either. It's just that his father and everyone else encouraged him to develop his talents elsewhere and made it rather easy for him to skate by academically. 

    When he was offered a full-ride scholarship to East Texas University, he accepted. The only child of well-meaning if somewhat smothering parents, they sent him off to college. They gifted him with a used pick-up truck they'd gotten for a good deal from a local used car lot. For the first time in his life, he has a chance to find out what he wants for his future and who he really is.

    Someone else would describe me as...

    created at: 07/22/2014

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  • Fri, Aug 22, 2014

    Hi. You have a Stat advance and 3 Edges. I don't think that's possible to start with. Also, pretty sure your skills only have 14 points assigned. You get 15.

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  • Sun, Aug 24, 2014

    Updated so everything adds up right. Many thanks to Jonathan Siregar and Bryan Hitchcock for their patience and assistance. :) Now includes appropriate gear, taking into account what a student is assumed to have (backpack, cell phone, etc.) as per page 19 in the East Texas University Player's Guide. Also, his vehicle... with its glitch...

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