Bobbi Lynn Jaynes : Character profile

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Sorority Sister, Trouble Magnet

Rank: Novice - 0 xp

Advances: 0



Agility d6       

Smarts d8

Spirit d6

Strength d6  

Vigor d6

Academics 0

Charisma +0

Pace 6

Parry 4

Toughness 5 



Fighting d4

Investigation d8

Knowledge (Criminology) d8

Lockpicking d4

Notice d4

Persuasion d4

Shooting d4

Stealth d4

Streetwise d8

Taunt d4

Throwing d4

Total 17 




Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+, Streetwise d8+

Investigators have spent a great deal of time researching ancient legends, working the streets, or deducing devilish mysteries. Some of these heroes are actual Private Investigators for hire while others may be sleuthing mages in a fantasy world or perhaps inquisitive college professors stumbling upon Things Man Was Not Meant to Know in the dark of night. Investigators add +2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence.



Trouble Magnet (M)

Annoying Roomate (m) Hindrance: Delusional

Loyal (m)



Sorority Sister: Iota Chi, dedicated to community service



Used Car, a Ford F150, Glitch: Bald Tires, -1 Driving

Pepper spray $10

Cell Phone $0

Backpack $50

Flashlight $20

Lockpicks $200

Cash Remaining: $220

  • Fri, Aug 22, 2014

    Don't you get a cell phone automatically? (Core book page 19)

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