Mage: The Ascension: All That Glitters

Game details

    • Game is open for registration
    • Age range: 13 to 100
    • Player seats: 5
    • Alternate seats: 2
  • Day: Sat, Sep 20, 2014
  • Time: 04:26PM UTC
  • Length: as long as it lasts before everyone falls asleep.
  • Game created: Mon, Sep 15, 2014
  • Last update: Wed, Sep 17, 2014
  • Views: 27
  • Characters

    No active characters.

    About this game

    Aaaaaa....Las Vegas

    City of Fortune, City Fate,

    City of Love, City of hate,

    City of Lights, City of Heights,

    City of Consumption, City of Corruption.......



    Details soon to come!

    Style of play

    Roleplay heavy, Character-Driven.

  • Mon, Sep 15, 2014

    My First Attempt at Storytelling a WhiteWolf Game. 

    The game's setting takes place in and around Las Vegas.

    This ain't no place for no hero......

  • Mon, Sep 15, 2014


  • Tue, Sep 16, 2014

    I am 150% interested in playing in this game. Mage is my favorite game. What time will you do this? I work Friday nights. IF it was during the day, I might be able to make it. If it was during the week, I absolutely can. Have you settled on a day/time yet?

    David Cast
  • Premium label
  • Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Im intrested if you can hit me up on skype zwhitelionz


  • Sun, Sep 21, 2014

    Game is now closed for applications. if i lose players i will pull players from here!

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