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Profile details

Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Superior Fetch
  • Ethnicity: Fetch
  • Alignment/ethics: Help friends and fuck the rest
  • Skin color: Greenish
  • Age: 46
  • Birthday: Oct 30
  • Astrological sign: Scorpio
  • Height : 4'7"
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Eye color: Yellow
  • Hair color & style: No hair
  • Distinguishing feature: Wide mouth with sharp teeth
  • Distinguishing feature: Sharp claws
  • Distinguishing feature: Big yellow eyes
  • Fashion sense: Baggy kids goth clothes
  • Mannerism: Puts on goggles when tinkering
  • Mannerism: Eats lots of sweets
  • Mannerism: "Collects" from abondoned or unoccupied buildings
  • Mannerism: Cuts the toes off his slain victims
  • Virtue: Imaginative
  • Flaw: Insecure
  • Place of birth: Seattle Arcology
  • Current residence: Simons' House
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Training: Sorcerers Rituals of all sorts
  • Training: The art of stealth and thievery
  • Interest: Tinkering
  • Hobby: Eating
  • Hobby: Making things
  • Hobby: Stealing
  • Goal: Reunite with a xenomorph from his past
  • Goal: Assassinate rival of his former master
  • Weapon of choice: Claws and teeth


  • Current profession: Tinker
  • Previous profession: Sorcerers' Assistant
  • Previous profession: Thief/Thug
  • Current class: Tinker/Scout

Grimnash : Character profile


   Grimnash was made by the sorcerer Shnogloth. Soon after creation Grim found out that his reason for creation was to take out a rival that had framed Shnogloth and had him cast out from the Chrysalis Corporation. Shnogloth realized that to get in there he would have to train his fetch to be an assassin. He sent Grim to go meet with a contact of his so the training could begin. The rival uncovered the plot and sent goons after the sorcerer. After blowing away the sorcerer they began the serch for the fetch. But he was nowhere to be found. Grim had met with the contact and when he came back to find a bloody mess and the remains of his former master he was furious even though he was now free. So he set to the streets, disguised as a 10-year old boy, to finish his masters work and to survive.

  He left the arcology so that he could start life anew, pillaging the abandoned houses around the Seattle arcology for any scrap that could be of use to his survival. During one of these raids he came across a xenomorph who was also rummaging for scraps, the two of them started bickering over who needed the food and other necessities. A brawl eventually broke out and Grim was surprised at how well she handled herself, for he was not easy to dodge. As the fight wore on the two were wearing down but Grim was confident that he would prevail, just as he found an opening and about to strike a group of raiders barged into the house after hearing the scuffle and then demanded their belongings as due to being in their “turf“. Grim wasn’t about to let that happen so he ran and jumped out a window and started bounding away from the house. He heard that there was a scuffle and then the sound of a person following his path, running very fast. The xenomorph soon caught up with him and seemed to keep his pace quite easily. So they ran for their lives, trying to outrun one another.

  During a turn down a street they found that the street was fenced off and led into a construction area, the xenomorph ran hard and jumped, clearing the fence. Grim knew that there would be no way for him to jump over it so as he made it to the fence he slashed at the metal opening that he plowed through, scouring cuts across his hoodie and into his flesh, just as the raiders made it around the corner. From the scent of the xenomorphs sweat he could tell that she was hiding in the site. When he found her she was nursing a wound that she sustained in the earlier skirmish and immediately drew an old rusty wrench from the gravel near by at the sight of Grim. He threw up his hands to show that he meant her no harm, for there was the greater threat of the raiders that had made it into the site. Grim told her that there was too many of them to take out together so their best bet was to make it out of the site unnoticed, to which she agreed. It wasn’t hard for Grim to sneak around most of the raiders and he couldn’t help but notice that she was keeping out of their vision just as easily, Grim was starting to like this xenomorph.

 They were soon out of the site and by that point the xenomorph was looking pretty exhausted but Grim was feeling more alive than he had felt in ages, every nerve of his being was crackling with life and he was for the first time in a long time, happy. When they had found a abandoned house that looked discreet enough they settled down for the night. After all the doors and windows were secured and the meal had been had, Grim asked her what her name was, to which she responded (). While they talked he brought up the events earlier that day and asked how she had learned to move like that. She said that her dad was a self- defense instructor and he always made sure that his daughter was trained so if the time came that she needed to defend herself, she would be ready, they then much time talking about their lives and what made them end up in this position. Grim was sure to keep out his masters plan to take down the corporation. After morning broke he asked where she was going to go. She said that she was going to continue salvaging around the Seattle area for she heard before she left the arcology that her mother might be out there coming back from an expedition to find friends and family. Grim decided that he would help her in her little quest, she was nice and the first person who didn’t react with fear or try to kill him outright. So they traveled for a very long time and in that time they became quite the team and good friends. But that was torn asunder when a group of NEG forces found her and when she asked if her mother had come back they said that she had come back. She then said to Grim that if she ever came back to the arcology that he should  try to find her, to help him out she gave him a piece of her clothing. When she had left Grim was very hollow inside and wanted to follow her, but he was not yet ready to go back into the arcology.

 So he went to and found a little group of thugs outside the arcology and joined with them and their quest to loot and pillage their way to rich-hood, all the while remembering his ultimate goal. After a decade or so the authorities finally caught up with the gang of ruffians in a bar. A struggle/bar fight ensued in which Grim made his get-away. He remembered one night that the boss leader talking about this mage named Simon and how he was pretty powerful and rich. A few days later after the heat died down he started looking for this sorcerer named Simon. On his usual trip through the high price grocery store to steal some food he ran across a sorcerer that looked pretty powerful. He asked his name and the man told him it was Simon. Grim asked him if he required a thief to help get to things that weren’t supposed to be accessed or a fetch to help with magical spells. Simon said that he would love to have a fetch for helping him with spells and having a thief was a bonus. So they both went back to Simons’ humble abode. When he got back to Simon's he was astounded that his new master was so rich. He had never lived in the high life and he liked it so much that he decided to help out Simon free of charge because it would hopefully bring him close to his ultimate goal to bring the corporation down and to reunite with (). *work in progress*