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Personal details

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Alignment/ethics: Chaotic Good
  • Skin color: White
  • Age: 40
  • Height : 5'8
  • Weight: 175
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color & style: Blonde
  • Distinguishing feature: Pointed Ears
  • Distinguishing feature: Solid Blue eyes from his elven heritage
  • Place of birth: Cael-Sii
  • Weapon of choice: Longsword

Aerath Alremain : Character profile

About me

Aerath Alremain is the bastard son of the former King Arinian of the fallen city of Cael-Sii. His mother was the captian of the guard a human and King Arinian's closest friend. When the Iron Circle sieged Cael-Sii Aerath watched from the castle ramparts as his Half-Brother Calrin betrayed the king and killed his mother. The last thing he remembers is his brother staring at him from the battlefield as he was knocked unconscious


Despite his scandalous birth Aerath was treated well amongst the high-elves who raised him as one of their own. Aerath grew up with a strong sense of purpose hoping to one day serve the king in the guard as his mother had all those years. But not everyone saw the Half-Blood as a welcome addition The king's wife Calynna saw Aerath as a threat to her power and her son's claim to the throne. She never missed a chance to remind her step-child that he was nothing more than trist between two old friends. The king however loved Aerath grooming him to become the next in the royal line. He saw his older son's thirst for power and knew it would eventually lead him to a dark path. Arnian spent years training Aerath both in swordplay and the skills it takes to rule. Aerath was 18 when the Iron Circle renewed their attack on Cael-Sii.

His father refused to let him fight he was assigned to guard the women and children. Angry that he couldn't battle Aerath slipped past the sentries to the ramparts of the castle where he could watch the battle. He watched awe-struck as his father and mother surronded by Ironborn cut through their ranks with deadly precision King Arinian's longswords slinging wildly finding holes in the brutes defenses and Captian Dianna at his side felling invaders by the score. That's when he aw the unmistakable ripple of a High Elves teleporting gift. He saw his half-brother Calrin. Aerath began to cheer thinking he had come to help the pair it wasn't until he saw the dagger flying towards his mother's back that he realized what was happening.

Aerath watched in horror as his mother fell from the dagger most likely poisoned. Then everything went black Aerath was hit from behind. The attacker was one of his father's most trusted advisiors a wood elf named Caderic Aloun he new Aerath would charge into the killing field to avenge his parent's and couldn't let that happen. He knocked him out and hid him in a potion shop for the better part of 30 years waiting for the day he could safely get Aerath out of the former Shining city now full of The Circle's monstorous Ironborn. Aerath bided his time swearing every day that he would kill his brother and defeat the circle if it cost him everything. He wasn't alone in his hiding high evles were a high priced treat to the Ironborn over time more and more came to hide one in particular became the closest thing Aerath would have to a friend Briz Fellwood. Aerath had been studying royal tomes for years looking for a mention of secret passages used by his family to get in and out of thecity during times of siege. He finally found one and decided that Briz would go with him. 

After a minor scuffle with a small squad of guards they steal the uniforms and walk through the city unhindered to the royal crypts. They make they're way through the crypts coming to the secret passage and out of Cael-sii finding passage on a..less than reputable vessle to  The Bleaklands were rumors said that Calrin was. the captian of the ship asked Aerath and Briz to retrieve some holy items in return for the passage. The pair agreed and made they're way to a bandits cavern traversing deadly traps and enemies they find the holy treasure and as Aerath's friend Briz grabs the Item's a round of applause comes from a hidden balcony as The heartless form of Calrin steps out praising his brother on the wonderful show.

At this moment Aerath is grabbed from behind by Briz "It was a good effort half-blood but you cannot win against the power of the circle." Aerath was shocked that someone he had come to care for had betrayed him Calrin motioned his hand from above and a horde of goblins jumped from the balcony circleing the struggling Prince. "I may not be leaving free. But you are not leaving with your life." Aerath said breaking free of Briz's grasp and drawing his swords in one motion twisting back to meet Briz's blade parrying it and mercilessly slitting his former companions throat through a hole in the elf's defenses. Aerath turned on the goblins shurgging off blows that would have killed any other creature. The fight raged for hours goblin corpses littering the floor before Calrin had grown bored and decided to intervene Aerath had just disembowled a rather large goblin when he felt an icy cold sting in his back and then nothing. "Sleep well Dear Brother" Is the last thing he hears as he fades into unconsiousness. Aerath awoke in the slave camps his desire for vengance stronger than ever. 


Someone else would describe me as...

Aerath is an honorable warrior who will do whatever it takes to save his homeland and avenge his parents death. 

Merits:Charismatic, Brave, Determined

Flaws: Driven by Vengeance, Distrusting


Random:Dry Witted, Spotaneous,