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Athena, protect my child

  • Ainsleigh, Engineer
  • Sun, Aug 21, 2016
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  • He betrayed us.  Song.  Father of my child.  Cylon.  Killer.  Betrayer. He brought centurians down upon the ship we were on.  They killed him for it. Before that, I was happy, or at least, nearly happy.  There was a spark of something there with Song.  Not like what I feel...

    A (Literal) Dark Cloud (Session 38-40 Journal Entry)

  • Vijay Ganaka, The King
  • Sun, Aug 21, 2016
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  • Director,   I cannot say I disagree with Hogan-Howe’s reinstatement. From what I know of him and learned from his file, he was as competent a director of IS as could be expected. We do not necessarily have the time to investigate Sullivan thoroughly enough to allay my concerns. However...

    Episode XXXVIII: Showdown on Brago II

  • Star Wars: Crasher Squad
  • Fri, Aug 19, 2016
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  • Crasher Squad introduced to Captain Firmus Morillo, after a brief tift between Zora & the former CIS Captain the group has learned that 4 very importnat Rebel Personnel are currently under siege on Brago II. MX-87 aboard on board the Victory Class Star Destroyers has left the engineering after strapping...

    "Hold On to Who You Are" (Session 7-10 Journal Entry)

  • Song Lazou the Opportunist
  • Thu, Aug 18, 2016
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  • The following is written in a shaky hand.   They gave me a small blank notebook and something to write with. They said that writing would help with coordination as I get… accustomed to the new body. All the tattoos and scars are gone. I frakking earned those and they’re...


  • Brom "Starbite" Achilles
  • Mon, Aug 15, 2016
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  • Have you ever had one of those moments in your life, a sudden and unexpected flash that changed everything in an instant? Kendra's "resurrection" was one of those moments for me. I thought my brilliant and beautiful Kendra was lost to me when the Cylon's attacked earth without warning.  Everything...

    Episode XXXII - Old Wounds

    The team meets Tor Haido at the D-13 factory near Jorra’s spaceport. They talk to the middle-aged Neimoidian as suspicious swoop gangers circle around the facility, asking Tor about his association with Suljo Warde. Haido explains that he is worried about being tied to the unpopular Jedi General, but he...

    PART 1- The Starlight Festival

    It is the time of the great Starlight Festival in the city of Nibenay, and the party feels that the templars will be occupied with policing the city during the wild revelry, and will not have the resources for the time being to track them down for their recent killing...

    Meanwhile, on Jaminere....

    “War is won in the hearts and minds of the people.” Azek Parthel stands as he addresses the meeting of Imperial officials, eyes drifting over the flickering holoprojections of Admiral Turkel and General Golt, fixing upon them in particular as he continues. “You may crush an insurrection for a day...

    Meanwhile, on Dravione....

    Major Sturjon walks down the crowded corridors of Stiletto Base, headquarters of the Rebel Alliance in the Allied Tion Sector. The small Tynan navigates the tight spaces by dodging over and under boots and legs of larger humanoids, his native instincts helping him plan a route to his destination -...

    Episode XXXI - Chasing Ghosts

    The party locates the site of the historian’s family estate, but are tailed by a bounty hunter working for the Imperial governor. They get some important items that the historian asked for, then battle the bounty hunter when he tries to ambush them. They fight him to a standstill and...

    Episode XXXVII: A Turning point.

  • Star Wars: Crasher Squad
  • Fri, Aug 05, 2016
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  • Crasher Squad escaped the trap set by Issard & Inquistor Del'vaine, thanks to the quick work of the group as a whole. The group's return has lead numerous debriefings, the Captain had to borrow the shuttle Captain Che're the Chiss Captain of the Xion, has spent a great deal of...

    Impending gametable maintenance

  • Premium label
  • Thu, Aug 04, 2016
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  • dev blog
  • Hello all, The gametable server needs to be migrated, and some housecleaning is in order. I'm going to migrate any table that's been used in the last 6 months, which should easily accomodate all active games. If you've got older games that you'd lke to have preserved, please log into...

    Rogues Gallery - Duraasi Twilightcatcher

      DURAASI TWILIGHTCATCHER CN Athasian Elf Psychic Warrior 5   ABILITY SCORES STR 18DEX 14CON 12INT 10WIS 15CHA 10 COMBAT Armor Class 17Hit Points 54Base Att +3 Initiative +4Movement 40'Fortitiude +5Reflex +3Willpower +3 SKILLS Autohypnosis +10Perception +13Acrobatics +10Survival +7 FEATS Weapon Focus (falchion)Psionic WeaponPsionic BodyPsionic MeditationDeep FocusWeapon Spec (falchion) SPECIAL...

    Setting the [Game] Table - The Tablelands at a Glance

            The ancient city of Nibenay sits brooding from its perch on the edge of a great agafari wood forest, forever on guard against the savage headhunters from its rival city, Gulg.       What adventures await those intrepid enough to brave the home of the...

    Setting the [Game] Table - Nibenay at a Glance

    Geography The city of Nibenay is located at the eastern end of the Crescent Forest just north of the Great Ivory Plain. A long road runs out of the city to the north, connecting it with the Ivory Palace of Raam and the rest of the Tyr region. Just south...

    Dark Days Ahead

  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Fri, Jul 29, 2016
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  • I went along with the grand commandments of our vampire "Lords" and met a few rookies of the night like myself but the whole situation didn't jive with me. I did find my companions interesting though. We were truly a mixed lot. When we finally hatched our plan in the...

    Unexpected Reunion

  • Brom "Starbite" Achilles
  • Mon, Jul 25, 2016
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  • The Battlestar Pegasus has been found. The ship is in great shape and there is a buzz across the fleet but it took me a moment to take in the ramifications of that information. At one point before the Cylon attack I was the CAG on the Pegasus and my...

    Love, Laughter, Death and Morrissey (Session 40)

  • Urban Shadows
  • Mon, Jul 25, 2016
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  • Monica is at Corsica studios with Euterpe (the muse of music), Melpomene (the muse of tragedy), Terpsichore (the muse of dance) and… Morrissey? Her ploy to distract the muses to buy some time for Kora and the others comes to an end as they record a music video for Morrissey’s...

    Session 15/16 Journal Entry

  • Key, The Angel
  • Sun, Jul 17, 2016
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  • Notes on Ospi   I wish Mox was here. I can’t help but worry about him. He is talented and has managed the infirmary during my infrequent absences (usually while visiting nearby holds to get supplies or treat people there) before. This is different though- it’s the first time our...

    Intermission: The End of the Beginning

  • Night Moves
  • Sun, Jul 17, 2016
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  • "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Crucible exclaimed as Frenchie dropped a huge stack of Cousins subs on the counter. The Roughnecks had assembled around the central island in the kitchen while they waited for Phantasm to complete her 'interrogation' of what was left of Mysterio. More than half the...