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Spheres of Time

  • GM: Aaron Fox
  • System: Player's Handbook II (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying) (Bk. 2)
  • Last update: 17 Apr 11:48
  • Day: Sat, Apr 27, 2013
  • Time: 05:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4
  • When darkness surrounded the world, the Spheres were there.  When the world's first creatures walked upon it, the Spheres were there.  Religions were formed around them, wars fought over them, and then they became lost to time....or did they.  Join in and find out the story of the Spheres.

    Worlds Largest Dungeon

  • System: Player's Handbook II (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying) (Bk. 2)
  • Last update: 25 Feb 22:54
  • Day: Sun, Mar 04, 2012
  • Time: 04:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • There are lots of questions as to where this cavern came from, but everyone in Hillsfar agrees on two things.  It can't be good, and no one wants to go in there.  The local barkeep of the "Mourning Glory" has sent for adventurers to take on the task of going into this cavern and inform them of what is down there.

    The tomb of Arkon

  • GM: Andy Hand
  • System: Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters (D&D Supplement)
  • Last update: 24 Mar 20:50
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Length: 1-2 hours
  • This game will be our first attempt to use this site to play D&D 3.5e.

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    I'm a Psionic Addict (No, not an adept, there's a difference), and I get my kicks from 3.5e D&D.There really isn't a whole lot to my playstyle, as I like to try and explore multiple different facets of different roles in the party. The one thing I will say, though, is that no matter what or who I play in...
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    I love reading. I love jumping into a world that isn't mine, and discover what intricate fantasies others have created. I love writing, making my own fantasies come true on paper, in words. Why? Because it is hard. It is too easy to just envision your creations in your own head, but adapting them to fit into the constraints of...
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    By day I am a mild mannerd web developer. But by night, I am a mild mannered Dungeon Master! :P
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    A broken gamer. Being on disability is like being paid very poorly by the government to sit at home and world-con, write adventures, and read gaming sites. I play 3.5e and want to get into Diaspora. I keep a tumblr where I post fantasy art I find. I regularly browse /tg/ and /r/rpg. Sometimes I like to play a little...