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Zetta Byte

Affiliations Solo 10 Buddy 6 Team 8   Distinctions Hunger for Knowledge Guilt Complex Am I human?   Power Sets   Being of Digital Energy Digital Transference (Teleport) D10 Hacker (Electronic Control) D12 Infinite Intelligence (Mental Resistance) D12 Digitally Aware (Senses) D10   SFX: Intangibility (Invulnerable). Spend one PP to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by electrical attacks....

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Hack Slash

  • Zetta Byte
  • 15 Jan 14:24
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  • Hack Slash is the code name for a super villain who specializes in digital terrorism. He is also a brilliant inventor. No one knows that 15 year old Olaf Ekstrom is actually Hack Slash. His parents, teachers, and friends know nothing about the dual life he lives. Unbeknownst to his...

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  • Justme
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    As A GM I'm fair, flexible. If the players are not having fun, then I need to do a better job. The game is not about or for me. Life is what I make it. I last gave my best friend a 12 month subscription to Model Rail Roader  I'm new to Virtual Table Top playing. I'd like to play...
  • Ejs 2012 bw
    • Santa Cruz
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    Father, husband, web/software industry veteran, army veteran, mountain bike rider, tabletop RPG gamer, INTJ, JD. I split my gaming time between GMing and playing, and have been at it since the early 1980s.  For years I ran Chaosium RuneQuest II, original Aftermath!, FASA Shadowrun 1 & 2, some Twilight:2000, Basic Roleplaying, and a variety of other games. After a hiatus...