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    • Austin
    • joined 20 Feb 17:20
    DM/GM since 1980.  Familiar with all iterations of D&D (including D&D Next/D&D 5e).  Currently setting up a D&D 5e campaign that uses the Iron Kingdoms setting (rather than Forgotten Realms).
  • Nonplussedme2012
    • Inland Empire
    • joined 28 Jan 15:12
    I've been playing RPGs since the early 80s, starting with AD&D1e and Moldvay Basic and growing outward from there. I've had a Palladium phase, a GURPS-only phase, and a disposable income phase in which I bought nearly every game I found remotely interesting. Now I'm in that mid-life crisis phase where I've sold off a few games but still collect...
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    • Los Angeles
    • joined 28 May 11:23
    I've been roleplaying as a player and GM for over 30 years. I like to play or GM D&D (any edition, but prefer Classic D&D like the Rules Cyclopedia), Alternity, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds. I've played a great number of RPGs, these are just the common ones I play. My current offline game is D&D 3.0 as a rogue/sorcerer in a...
  • Kitten
    • Minneapolis / St. Paul
    • joined 22 Apr 17:04
    I have been gaming, steady mostly, for just about 20 years now, and have just started learning to role play.  I'd like to continue learning.  I am interested in almost any type of game except d20 and fantisy (what's left?).  I love present, future, dark future, post apoc., games, high or low tech, magic or none, but heroic in nature.  I...
  • Barred owl profile
    • New Haven
    • joined 22 Apr 15:21
    Spreading the word about my superhero campaign at the moment. I am part of a rag-tag bunch of gamers in the area of Waterbury, CT. We are looking for new members who are excited to join a NYC-based superhero campaign and who don't mind learning a new system. (It's a really simple one, the Hero 8 system from Mind's Eye...