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Bug 100
Tinker is the Pilot of the Ugly Duckling, a Junker Class ship crewed by a team of Lasers. 

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Episode 7 - The Edge of Doom

  • Outlands
  • 27 Feb 11:44
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  • The Lasers set about preparing for the coming night in the arctic ice canyon of Colbar. Splice leaves Judge Hammett and his entourage in the escape pod after setting up a temporary heater in it. He navigates the steep descent with the aid of a grapple gun, reaching the crashed...

    Episode 6 - A Winter Amid the Ice

  • Outlands
  • 03 Feb 15:14
  • Views: 7
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  • The Ugly Duckling is patched up by its crew with some of the Big Creds earned over the past few missions. Splice upgrades the wounded Stark with an Autonomic Avenger, figuring that his fellow Laser is likely to get knocked out more often. The crew spends two months in recovery...

    Episode 5 - Benevolent Assimilation

  • Outlands
  • 23 Jan 15:03
  • Views: 8
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  • Splice and Stark and the gun thugs of Joy Escorts begin a disruptor shootout in the slums of Joy City. While none of them use lethal settings, the battle is fierce and results in many unconscious goons. Their shipmmate and fellow Laser Dimitri takes a shuttle down to aid them,...

    Episode 4 - Kissing Death

  • Outlands
  • 09 Jan 14:11
  • Views: 10
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  • The Ugly Duckling docks at a Combine station to turn Lantae the space pirate over to the authorities. He is visited by Stark, and the two old foes exchange words and threats, agreeing that both men learned something from their latest encounter. Lantae promises to break out of prison as...

    Episode 3 - This Colorless Light

  • Outlands
  • 21 Dec 14:17
  • Views: 8
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  • The Ugly Duckling docks on one of the larger asteroids in the Varkan field, allowing the crew to examine the mysterious lab located on the other side. The Balla communications officer, Valeris, heads out with Splice to approach the facility and learn more about it. They encounter a technical officer...

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