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Avengers: A Day Like No Other

  • Premium label
    GM: Bry
  • System: Spirit of the Century
  • Last update: 08 May 10:30
  • Day: Sat, May 10, 2014
  • Time: 02:15AM UTC
  • Length: 4
  • This game uses a customized version of the Fate system, closest to Fate Accelerated. The game is styled after the latest film and animated Avengers show. There will be a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and exciting descriptions over rules minutiae.

    The Initiative Vol 2: Avengers Atlanta

    S h i e l d  logo by britlou d30ztuz
  • Premium label
  • System: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Basic Game
  • Last update: 07 Jun 23:17
  • Day: Sat, Jun 15, 2013
  • Time: 01:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Now in Vol 2!   With Vol 2 we see the evolution of the Initiative recruits into a full fledged superteam, now responsible for the wellfare of an entire state. With some new faces, as well as some veteran heroes, the team now will face the trials of this great responsibility. Will they handle the pressure? Will their past deeds come back to haunt them? Who will find love in the middle of this madness? Find out in Vol 2 of the Initiative: Avengers Atlanta!

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    Bug 100
    AFFILIATIONS Solo D10 Buddy D6 Team D8 DISTINCTIONS Cultivated Inner Peace Ex-Secret Agent Master of Kung Fu POWER SETS Living Weapon Enhanced Durability D8 Enhanced Reflexes D8 Enhanced Stamina D8 Enhanced Strength D8 SFX: Focus. If your pool includes a Living Weapon power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one stepped-up die.  SFX: Never Outmatched. When using...

    Iron Man

    Iron Man   Affiliations Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8 Distinctions Billionaire Playboy Cutting Edge Tech Hardheaded Futurist     Power Sets Powered Armor  Cybernetic Senses d6 Enhanced Reflexes d8 Superhuman Durability d10 Superhuman Strength d10 SFX: Boost. Shutdown highest-rated Weapons Platform or Powered Armor power to step up another Powered Armor power by +1. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during...

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    Session 5 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 24 Oct 18:51
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  • More Notes on Mission to Earth-3954 The Bridge took us to the blue area of the moon, complete with alien ruins, The Watcher’s tower, and a newer facility with a rocket prepared for launch. We decided to disable the rocket first since there was a definite time factor there. All...

    Session 4 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 12 Sep 14:40
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  • Notes on Mission to Earth-3954 I received an alert from the Avengers Tower while I was having lunch with the lovely Pepper Potts. There’d been a power spike. When we arrived, we found that the Bridge was active. The energy kept building and it had to go somewhere. So I...

    Session 3 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 11 Aug 17:55
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  • Further Notes on Mission to Earth-6116 We arrived in Ecuador as close to the site of the SHIELD carrier crash as we could get. We landed in a nearby clearing, almost more of a crater really. The jungle was eerily quiet. The term “teeming with life” often comes to mind...

    Session 2 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 29 Jun 23:52
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  • Notes on Mission to Earth-6116 We were joined by Blade shortly before I picked something on the Bridge—a lifeform drifting between dimensions. It turned out to be Domino from Earth-6116. We were scanning for her home dimension and noticed something odd. There were NO people on that Earth at all....

    Session 1 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 31 May 16:19
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  • Notes on Mission to Earth-9874 In Earth-9874 the vibranium meteor had landed in Utah instead of Wakanda. A man named Ulysses Claw had founded a mining town there. A group of AIM scientists from our reality had taken over the town. They wanted to claim the vibranium for themselves. I...