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    Hello! Just moved to the Seattle area and looking for more people to game with. I'm particularly fond of story-driven characters/adventures/systems (I don't do well with sandbox-style, but as long as the group is enjoyable, I'll do anything). Also generally end up being in the GM/ST/Ref seat, just as a matter of occurance. Favorite systems include: Burning Wheel, FATE (spec....
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    I've been gaming for entirely too long and still love it. I like Burning Wheel, Fate, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and other stuff. I don't dislike evlves. And the donkey asked for it.
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    I love games like Sorcerer, In a Wicked Age, Universalis, and many other indie games.
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    Through high school, I played 3.5 with my friends. It was my first introduction into the rpg world. After that I returned to my roots in college when I joined the Games Club. I played a few D&D games, mouse guard, dread, and lastly board games. I am now a board game geek. Recently I joined a skype game of...
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    Often gamemaster, sometimes player in Philadelphia, PA. Favorite systems include Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, & MERP.
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    Computer Science and Math student at University of Cincinnati. Starting to play more board games, and want a way to start some online Burning Wheel campaigns with old friends.
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    I'm fairly new to gaming, only been playing the last 4 years or so. Mostly I've played OWoD, Exalted, Shadowrun (using bits and pieces from the first 3 editions), RIFTS (very little). I've also played a little bit of Fiasco, Shab al-hiri Roach, Marvel Universe RPG... and probably a dozen or so others I can't think of off hand. I've...
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    Played Tabletop wargames for nearly 20 years with only a few RPGs along the way, now I want to play more and seeing as I dont have a local group online seemed the best way. GMT timezone.
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    Father, Husband, Game Designer.
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    Hi everyone, I am a 34 year old Rpg player, with roots in revised world of darkness Vampire: the masquerade and Mage: Ascension. Mostly I am interrested playing Burning Wheel at the moment and I am looking for games
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    Looking to run a Conan style Barbarians of Lemuria game.
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    I used to be a respectable, homeowning, lawn-mowing citizen. I dutifully put on my pearls and supported my husband at Chamber of Commerce dinners. Now I'm single, in grad school, living in a high-rise and rediscovering my inner dork. I love RPGs, Magic, sword-and-sorcery epic video games, but most of all I love gaming with my fellow human beings. I...
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    I like focused games and generally I'm not too excited by fiddly mechanics.  I like elegant mechanics that really contribute and don't bog things down too much. Favorite Games are Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, and Sorcerer. I'm very fond of a lot of others.  I've played and liked Moldevay Basic D&D and 4e.  And I have a huge...
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    Long-time gamer from the Middle Georgia area here. I've gotten to play quite a few different systems over the years, largely due to conventions, and am interested in a rather eclectic selection of games. You can see the games I'm interested in here: I enjoy the occasional one-shot, but I'm really looking to join an ongoing campaign. My schedule...
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    Shallow, but only on the surface
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    Father, husband, web/software industry veteran, army veteran, mountain bike rider, tabletop RPG gamer, INTJ, JD. I split my gaming time between GMing and playing, and have been at it since the early 1980s.  For years I ran Chaosium RuneQuest II, original Aftermath!, FASA Shadowrun 1 & 2, some Twilight:2000, Basic Roleplaying, and a variety of other games. After a hiatus...
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    I teach by day, game by night.
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    I tend to enjoy rules-light games, unusual small press games, and the FATE system in general. I don't dislike elves, assuming they are properly seasoned. As for the donkey, he's a good donkey.  As soon as I've removed his pack and brusshed him down, I'm going to give him a carrot.
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    I am an ancient gamer, having started in 1982.  I have had many life oaths from blue collar worker, to tradesman, to academic.  As a social scientist I enjoy games that have clearly considered societies, religions and cultures. I prefer homebrew over the published settings, however if I had to choose published ones, I suppose I would choose Greyhawk and...
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    New Zealander Role-player Online Gamer Sports nut.
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    I may have a quarter-century of gaming experience, but I'm no grognard.  New and intersting wins the day!  Currently reading and playing BW and Exalted.  Looking for a reason to start up a REIGN or WT game.  Stolze, you magnificent bastard!  Ahem.  Diaspora's on the list as well – though I've never played a FATE game, I'd love to give...
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    I think this is the hardest question I've been asked all day. I think I'll just make an outline. FACT! Gamer   FACT! Host of a daily podcast, 10 Minutes of Me   LIE! I once punched a shark in the face   FACT! (mostly) I own a successful company and have a full time job. This is only made...
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    My name is Shaun Hayworth. I'm the host of the podcast This Modern Death, and my tastes run toward the indie-side of gaming. My game of choice is Burning Wheel, but I'll play just about anything once. Maybe twice.