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In the Shadows - Champions

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    Eris (Valerie Stryf)

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    ERIS was the goddess or spirit (daimon) of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. She was often represented specifically as the daimon of the strife of war, who haunted the battlefield and delighted in human bloodshed.Because of Eris' disagreeable nature she was the only goddess not to be invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. When she turned up anyway,...


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    No other name known. He is a being summoned, by the Monks of the Three Virtues, from a realm of enlightenment. He is believed to be an example to mankind but he is intrigued with the darker nature of humans and their baser motivations. He hopes to study and understand their intense negative emotions which are uncomfortable to him. He...

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    Love and miss gaming. Love the old school table top RPG's where you had your character on paper, your dice, a table map to draw on and if you were lucky, some figs. Otherwise, coins worked.  I have been out of the gaming scene for too long (get into RPG's at Con's pretty much only). People moved away and eventually...
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    I'm interested in games where magic or the occult has some major role in the world. I prefer open ended magic systems such as Mage or Ars Magica, but I'm more then content with Vancian magic. My interests are largely symptomatic of having a profound real world interest in magic and the occult. Yes, I'm one of those. My gaming...
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    TODD TUTTLE, Age 49, Digital Graphics Technician & Cartoonist STR 9  CON 13  SIZ 15  INT 14  POW 13 DEX 11  APP 12  EDU 14  SAN 65  HP 12 Damage Bonus: +0 Weapons: Fist/Punch 50%, damage 1D3+0 Kick 25%, damage 1D6+0 Armor: none Skills: Art: Comic Books 50%, Art: Fine 25%, Computer Use 51%, Craft: Graphic Art 50%, Dodge 22%,...
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    Picking up Gaming w/ my old gaming buddies whom are all back in N. Ohio, from the '80's. When I have some time, I don't mind a good AD&D game, and also looking into getting into Hero's rules again to run and/or be a player for multiple different genres. We were using Gametable 2.0 RC9 and GameSpeak(TeamSpeak) to run a...