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Labyrinth Lord

  • System: Labyrinth Lord / AEC
  • Last update: 18 Jul 10:57
  • Day: Sat, Jul 19, 2014
  • Time: 03:00PM UTC
  • Length: 2-4 hours
  • This is a new group looking for Players.  We will be using Labyrinth Lord and AEC rules available free from Goblinoid Games and a custom village using the Chronicles of Amherth Campaign Setting as a starting point.  We meet at 10am Central Time on Saturdays.  If you are interested in Old School gaming come check us out.  

    Dungeon World: Echoes of Corruption

  • GM: Kai Mayer
  • Last update: 28 Mar 14:52
  • Day: Mon, Mar 31, 2014
  • Time: 10:00PM UTC
  • Length: Until it Feels Right
  • A Dungeon World game for any who are willing!    I'll say up front that the date and time for this game are very open to change, based on who wants to play and when - my scedule is very flexible, and thus so am I.    As for what kind of game this is - Dungeon World started out as an Apocalypse World Hack, but from what I understand, grew into a game with its own identity pretty fast. That said, anyone who who's ever played a Move Engine game, from Monsterhearts to Apocalypse World, or any variation of...

    Golarian Sunsets

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  • System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook
  • Last update: 30 Jan 14:07
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • This is a game playing the Second Darkness campaign for Pathfinder, published by Paizo. We are starting at the beginning with level 1 characters.

    The Wayfarer's Usurping Destiny

    20090904moontrees medium
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  • System: Player's Handbook II (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying) (Bk. 2)
  • Last update: 04 Dec 07:45
  • Day: Sat, Dec 01, 2012
  • Time: 08:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Welcome to the world of Faerûn, a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing lands of magic, mystery, and high peril. Bold knights dare the crypts of dead monarchs, seeking glory and treasure. Insolent rogues prowl the dank alleyways of ancient cities, plotting their next exploit. Devout clerics wield mace and spell, questing against the terrifying powers that threaten the land. Cunning wizards plunder the ruins of fallen empires, delving fearlessly into secrets too dark for the light of day. Dragons, giants, black-hearted villains, demons, savage hordes, and unimaginable abominations lurk in horrible dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and...

    D20pro 161x78 This game will be played in d20Pro, and having d20Pro installed is required to participate. Click here to download the latest version.

    God's Hand

  • GM: Jeff Rud
  • System: Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters (D&D Supplement)
  • Last update: 04 Nov 11:16
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours max
  • The land of Middle Work has seen the comings and goings of many kingdoms. It has also lately witnessed a bizarre and portentous agreement with the dwarven kingdom of Kruk and the tieflings of Nirr; land for aid in the endless Giant Wars. That was a century ago, and the tieflings have since re-established the realm of Bael Xin Turath. The borderlands between Nirr, Bael Xin Turath, and the loosely-bound elves of the Autumnshade Forests, have become an increasingly tense spot, rife with intrigue and rumors of war. In other words, it's a perfect time to be looking for work...

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    Keelan Omershad

    Dark tower cover color by j scott campbell
    Keelan is based on the TV character Michael Weston... Yeah, I know... I've got the creative gene in me... anyways, decided to start screwing around with the classes in dnd which I had previously thought to be completely useless. Started off with ninja, which turns out to be not as bad as I once thought, and shifted over into talking...


  • Player: Anne Trent
  • Que'Vanna is an eladrin wizard who takes too much pride in her intelligence and arcane abilities. She is obsessive compulsive about discovering and cataloging Eladrin artifacts. She seeks companionship, but lacks any kind of social grace in order to form one.  For some reason, her companions tolerate her ways, and translates this as a form of friendship. So she wiggles her fingers to cast awesome...

    Tambar Ghanvir

    Tambar ghanvir head
    Our gaming group lost two people, so I created this character to fill in a gap. He started at fifth level. 

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    My Favorite Game Moments: or Did that Really Just Happen?? Part I

  • 10 Nov 22:37
  • Views: 13
  • Comments: 1
  • I figured I would start this off fun and recount some of my favorite moments that happened either to my character, to my party, or in a game I ran. Grannycide: First off my favorite incedent the rogue in our party is searching a hut in a swamp for something...


  • Water Lords
  • 24 Jul 22:02
  • Views: 40
  • Comments: 24
  •               As the dark forces rise against the Iron Keep in the west, so too do dark powers challenge the upstart Water Lords. After a series of crushing defeats, the Lords return to their island battered and beaten. Worst of all is the biting betrayal of one of their...

    My campaign setting!

  • 17 Jul 22:59
  • Views: 6
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  • I'm working with a friend and using the Reddit community to help me put the finishing touches on a campaign setting that has been germinating in my head for some time. Check it out or contribute here!

    Spieler gesucht!

  • 10 Jun 06:40
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  • I am looking for Players in the area of Cologne, Germany. Thus I will give the details in German below. ----- Ich suche Spieler für eine Runde in Köln. Geplant ist die Runde für 4 bis 8 Spieler. Da meine Freundin mitspielt sind also noch 7 Plätze frei. Das Setting...

    D&D 5th Edition is coming!

  • 21 Jan 12:28
  • Views: 17
  • Comments: 3
  • Hasbro is officially working on 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons:

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  • Chaos
    • South Jersey
    • joined 27 Dec 03:44
    "The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules." -Gary Gygax Hello there, and welcome to my user page. I have many and varied interest; so many in fact that I simply can’t find the time to pursue them all! The ones I seem to spend the most time on however seem to...
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    • Colorado Springs
    • joined 14 May 22:47
    Long time gamer. Been out of the loop for awhile, and haven't had a solid group in years. Looking to dive headlong back into my favorite hobby. Willing to learn/play any table top RPG, I'm also available for online or offline play. I also enjoy strategy and luck board games such as Smash Up, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, etc...
  • Kerrigan
    • Kansas City
    • joined 14 May 00:56
    Im 31 been playing games, many games since I was a kid. I started gaming seriously back in the peak of Runescape days. Moved on to games such as Dark Age of Camelot(for about 3-4 years), World Of Warcraft(6 years), Lord of the Rings(1 year) but I am ready to move away from constant MMO gaming and transition into face...
  • D20face
    • Houston
    • joined 24 Apr 00:13
    Once upon a time, there was a half-elf rouge that wondered the forests of Madisonville Texas. She was a young thing, with a mighty dragonborn companion named Shamash. Why? Because he liked to smash things of course. They saved the day with knives made of sticks, and carried about a D&D 4e Player's Guide (UUUUUUGH) on their persons like  a...
  • Picture?type=large
    • Stockton / Modesto
    • joined 27 Dec 01:17
    My favorite RPGs to play with my friends are Dungeons and Dragons, and Traveler, in the 2300AD setting.   I really like the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and emulate alot of his stor's in the champaigns I DM for.   I Dislike elves because KUO-TOA ARE THE MASTER RACE!!!! LONG LIVE THE SEA MOTHER!!!   I AM SACRIFICING THIS DONKEY...