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  • Bug 100
    • Urbana / Champaign
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    Playing with friends and looking for a solid virtual tabletop to use.
  • Bug 100
    • Wichita
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    • Houston
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    Hey all, So I just moved back to Houston after graduating college and I've decided to start a new game, and I need a group of 3 to 5 players. My fiance will be playing, and she would also like to meet other girls who enjoy roleplaying. If you're interested message me or email me at System is to...
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    • Birmingham
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    I am a solider ,a brother, a son, and a Gm. That at least is how others define me , I choose to use different terms, Warrior, poet, martial artist, chef, storyteller. Still if you want to know more ask. I run alot of Pathfinder and am willing to use other systems
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    • joined 22 Mar 20:02
    I'm a bit of an odd person. I'm a geniune hacker, an artist, a business owner, a college level instructor, and an Athiest Minister. As I said... odd. I love playing and running RPGs of all kinds.