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Not another f***ing Monsterhearts game!

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  • 14 Jul 00:31
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  • So I have submitted a Monsterhearts game to a convention in December. The only problem is that I have never run a game of Monsterhearts before. This needs to be rectified. So I am looking forward to the coming week to run a one-shot. I am thinking of setting it...

    Greetings and Salutations

  • 18 Dec 16:03
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  • Well here I am! I am a Dead of Winter alumni (Hard Core Class) and was graciously invited to take part in this little experiment. And if there's something I am always up for, it's being experimented on. -Will Robot Image originally by by Steph, GIMPed by Will Robot  ...

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  • Bug 100
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    I'm a gamer (DUH!) I tend to play mainly indie games, though I'm running a 3.5 game for some friends right now. I also am an (almost) published author.  As soon as the stupid printer gets to my job, Fall of Granada will be available for purchase!   Not sure how much I'll use this, but I'll cruise around!
  • Csi morgan
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    I wound up DMing for my high school buddies after being introduced to D&D by my older brother.  We mainly created dungeon crawls and we used D&D and Arduin Grimore.  While in high school, I started my own dice company -- now defunct.  After college, I stopped playing.  Years later, I played in a LARP and found a new world...