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    Ask away!
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    I play all kinds of tabletop rpg's, only a few are included in the list of tags; I'm also very interested in trying out new games.  My very favorite game is Earthdawn: I have nearly all of the 1st edition books, and used to have an active group following the shared history in Earthdawn and Shadowrun.   I'm back to...
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    Played Tabletop wargames for nearly 20 years with only a few RPGs along the way, now I want to play more and seeing as I dont have a local group online seemed the best way. GMT timezone.
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    I started RPing way back in the dark ages of the mid 1970s with the original 3 booklet D&D boxed set. Played a lot of different games but it seems that FRP is my fave. Currently I play: Pathfinder; Warhammer FRP 2; Dark Heresy; Deathwatch
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    I'm an illustrator. I draw stuff. I like games, toy soldiers, etc.   My website is here: My twitter feed: My reviews (largely Black Library):  
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    For The Emperor!        
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    Long time gamer, that due to time and family needs, has gotten more into minatures gaming.  I used to do a fair bit of role playing, but never really got into a group, but now that the passion is there, I'm a bit too old to hang around with the high school and college crowd of gamers.  I'm also fairly...