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    Been gaming for more than 20 years.  Toyed with Paladium but didn't really dive into the deep end of gaming until i found Werewolf and the WoD.  Still a big fan of WoD but gravitate more towards low-prep, high-story games these days such as Monsterhearts and TechNoir.  Willing to try anything as long as it's focused on storytelling and doesn't...
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    Fairly experienced player and GM but by no means an expert. I play games for the role play, not the roll play but I see no reason both can't be enjoyed. I'm a firm believer that the game is less important than who you're playing it with. I'll play just about anything with a good group =D   Player experience:...
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    I am a father, husband, gamer, motorcyclist, ex-military and many others. I have been a programmer, helicopter mechanic, video editor, and many other jobs. I have been gaming since I was 12 or 13 and have played many games, but my current favorite is GURPS.
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    How long have you been playing? 30+ years. Along with roleplaying, I also enjoy scifi/fantasy movis and television, video games, CCGs and graphic arts. Are you currently in a game, or are you currently looking for one? My small group is always looking to grow. Last year we finished a long period of playtesting Wild Talents settings for Arc Dreams...