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Demi-Gods in the Machine

  • System: Exalted 2e
  • Last update: 26 May 01:09
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Standard Solar Exalted game.

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    Savomevadra, the Tireless Repositor

    Savomevadra abscissic
    Savomevadra is one of seven component souls of the 3rd Circle demon Orabilis.  In her role as his Insight Soul, she is tasked with retrieving esoteric knowledge with which to fill the End of All Wisdom’s glass libraries.  While Orabilis’ eyes roam Malfeas, seeing and recording all there is to see and record, Savomevadra is a bloodhound of information –...

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    D&D : Exalted :: Taco bell jalapenos : Drinking tabasco sauce

  • 21 Dec 17:33
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  •    It overwhelms people.    So, I'm pulling together an online Solar Exalted campaign - Already have players, sorry folks - and the common, recurring problem I'm seeing in some of my players ((3 of 5)) is that suitably epic motivations baffle them. I keep getting very spesific, narrow things...

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    Interested in playing or running a game. Primarily L5R (Legend of the Five Rings), Exalted (any edition), DnD (3E or 5E mostly Eberron), Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Pathfinder, or most White Wolf games. I mostly enjoy character driven, role-play heavy, campaigns. 
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    I've played a little D&D 3e, 3.5, and 4e and by no means am I any sort of expert. I've played other PnP games as well, such as Star Wars d20, Exalted, Paranoia, Shadowrun, and Trinity. I'd like to give Pathfinder and GURPS a shot, but haven't been around my gaming friends in some time. We all kind of split...
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    I'm just the average gamer dude man. :P Want to know me more, start a conversation, I'm pretty easy to get along with. RPG's in our collection: World of Darkness (N&O&GMC), Scion, Pathfinder, Shadowrun (4th), Burning Wheel, Cosmic Patrol, Traveller 5, Traveller (mongoose), Anima, Diaspora, Legend of the Five Rings (4th), Dresden Files RPG, Doctor Who RPG, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited...
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    Hello! Just moved to the Seattle area and looking for more people to game with. I'm particularly fond of story-driven characters/adventures/systems (I don't do well with sandbox-style, but as long as the group is enjoyable, I'll do anything). Also generally end up being in the GM/ST/Ref seat, just as a matter of occurance. Favorite systems include: Burning Wheel, FATE (spec....
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    Games I am interested in Marvel Universe (diceless) Mutants and Masterminds Exalted 1. 0 Exalted 2.0 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Vampire the Masquerade