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Montgomery "Monty" Sutton

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    Player: Dani L.
  • Attributes Mental d8 Physical d10 Social d6   Skills Craft d4 Drive d4 Fight- Grappling d8 Fix d4 Fly- Shuttles d6 Focus d4 Influence d6 Know d6 Labor d4 Move d4 Notice d6 Operate d4 Perform d4 Shoot d6 Sneak d4 Survive d6 Throw d4 Treat d4 Trick d6   Distinctions Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4...

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    Gamer since debut of red/blue boxes as a wee lad. Hit Champions, Traveller, Harn and RM in highschool, Ars Magica, Jorune and Talislanta in young adulthood, ran Theatrix and Amber a bit later on, cuddled up with Sorcerer & Sword at night, was dragged kicking and screaming into 3E when it came out (I was unharmed but quickly bored), picked...
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    Describe your sense of style: Ultilitarian, with a touch of absurdity. Explain what you love about life: I love that life has been turned into a board game that you can win if you know how to spin correctly. What's the last thing you purchased for a friend?  I purchased a burrito for my friend that was bigger than her...
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    I am an aerospace engineer who works on the International Space Station program.  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, all roads seem to lead back to here for me, though I've lived in various other places over the course of my 29 years. My parents were gamers, so it's always been something people do for fun to me.  I see...
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    Scion D20 D&D Pathfinder Whitewolf (older games) Shadowrun Hollow Earth Paranoia Star Trek Fading Suns StarGate Rifts Firefly All Flesh Must Be eaten Ninja burger Land of Og Call of Cathulu