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Alpha Omega Demo

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  • System: Alpha Omega / 6-6 System
  • Last update: 05 Mar 10:42
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Mind Storm Labs will be conducting demonstration games of Alpha Omega and the Infrno system throughout Gencon.  If you are at the con, stop by booth #427 and check for demo times.  Otherwise, just keep checking back August 5th - 8th for active demonstrations!

    Restless Dead Alpha Wave

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  • Last update: 18 Aug 09:48
  • Day: Thu, Aug 16, 2012
  • Time: 05:00PM UTC
  • Length: 80 hours
  • Welcome to Restless Dead, a roleplaying game aout surviving the zombie hordes.  Whether it's a small outbreak of zombies rising from the local graveyard due to a chemical spill or a full blown zombie apocolypse that spells the end of the world, Restless Dead is designed for you to tell your very own stories about a world gone terribly wrong.  You can even play yourself and experience what it might be like for you and your friends! Come visit us at GenCon booth #938 and kill some zombies!

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    GenCon 2012

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  • 16 Aug 10:10
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  • Greeeeetings from GenCon!  If you happen to be in the area, be sure to check us out at booth 938 in the vendor hall.  Say hi to Doon, Raye, Grau and I!  Also, come check out Restless: Dead, our new on-demand RPG.  Kill some zombies!  

    Crafty Games at Gen Con 2012: Come Play with Brandon Sanderson

  • 09 May 17:51
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  • Crafty Games has Fantasy Craft and Mistborn events running all weekend at Gen Con 2012, but the big news is our special celebrity session with Mistborn creator Brandon Sanderson. That's right, six lucky winners will have the chance to play a full five-hour session of the Mistborn Adventure Game with...

    Crafty Games GenCon Seminar 2011

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  • 19 Aug 10:17
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  • Crafty Games did a seminar at GenCon 2011 and some kind soul taped and uploaded it all on YouTube. Its worth checking out if you're into Mistborn, FantasyCraft, SpyCraft, or are just curious about what they're up to.

    Post-GenCon: Welcome!

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  • 10 Aug 22:13
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  •   Welcommmme GenCon atendees and co.!  I'm glad to see a ton of new names on here!   But, oh man, still recovering.  I'll write about how osssssm GenCon was sometime this week.  Though, that's kinda a given.   (..and lol, this should be a familiar scene for some of...

    GenCon with Infrno

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  • 04 Aug 09:05
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  • Heya!  Greetings from GenCon!  Come see me and the guys at booth #1053!

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