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Latest Infrno Video: Game Table

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  • 27 Apr 01:19
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  • Hey Infrnal boys & girls! As you may have heard we've started our very own YouTube channel – TheInfrnal! We're already posting brand new short videos that highlight how to use the new features we're constantly developing to make Infrno cooler and easier to use. This week, we've added a...

    Infrno Test

  • 22 Jul 09:06
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  • Well, the time came, last night, to run my first game via Inrno.  Let me tell you, it was a blast!  The game table did everything that I hoped it would do.  The drawing tools were easy and quick to use, so it was a cinch to sketch up the...

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    Trying to balance out the male:female gamer ratio one chick at a tiiiime. (: