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Why I refuse to LARP

  • 25 Apr 22:17
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  • I don't expect the people who really need to read this to read it; the only person I know that fits both necessary sets ( {LARPers} and {People signed on to Infrno} ) already knows better than to try to encourage me to join one.  Nevertheless, it might be nice...

    Latest Infrno Video: NeonCon Project Dante

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  • 02 Dec 02:07
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  • Hey Infrnal boys & girls! As you may have heard we've started our very own YouTube channel – TheInfrnal! We're already posting brand new short videos that highlight how to use the new features we're constantly developing to make Infrno cooler and easier to use! Check it out! We ran...

    moar LARP sugar: LevelFive

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  • 04 Nov 15:51
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  • '(LevelFive) is a experimental live role-playing event based on self-actualization seminars'


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  • 04 Nov 15:45
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  • Business Live Action Role Play. Be afraid, or at least mildly annoyed and resolved to your fate as a mid-level cubicle monkey: 'Synergon was conceived as a satire of office culture and corporate-speak, but expressed in the language of a D&D-style role playing game. What originally started as a joke...

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  • Tara1
    • South Jersey
    • joined 26 Jan 01:06
    Writer, LARPer, d20 kinda person. I'm married, I have a dog, I run The Geek Initiative, and I like to play bards.
  • Picture033
    • Myrtle Beach
    • joined 29 Sep 07:34
    Just a guy who Moved to Myrtle Beach and missed RPGs and LARPs. I'm willing to play anything, as I am unable to find gamers in the area.   Also in the middle of designing my own system and setting. Always looking for plaaytesters. 
  • Spwf
    • joined 03 Mar 12:16
    Long-time gamer (RPG and LARP, with a smidgen of TTS and a heaping spoonful of boardgames). Currently a PC in a play-by-post of Eclipse Phase, and our GM has suggested we all check this site out. And what kind of player would I be if I didn't immediately do what my GM asked? :P Btw, if you want to take...
  • Photo%201
    • joined 19 Jan 15:38
    I like gaming, it is good
  • Halloween
    • Indianapolis
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