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The Sub Atomic Man

Gilliam has the ability to alter his physiology to any size, down to the molecular level. He is a technological genius. He has created an energy baton to help him in battle. The Over-World is far different from Dezo IV, which has never know violence or conflict. Gilliam is inexperienced but determined. His heart is true.     In the...

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Powers & the World of Liberty Inc.

  • Liberty Inc
  • 15 Aug 23:45
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  • The game setting is in 1962-1965, and the world has just started seeing an outbreak of people with new wonderous powers and talents. This blog post will explore some of the origins of these new advancements in human history. Gadgets: In the game world of Liberty Inc, science and invention...

    The Second Unlockable Hero For Liberty Inc

  • Liberty Inc
  • 15 Aug 01:31
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  • Copper Hawk: The first detective archtype unlockable hero for Liberty Inc.   A highly skilled detective who uses gear designed to allow her flight, as well as sharpening her natural senses. The partner & fiance of the hero Bronze Falcon, Copper Hawk supplies the brains while Bronze Falcon is happy to...

    The First Unlockable Hero for Liberty Inc!

  • Liberty Inc
  • 06 Aug 02:35
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  • As the game page explains, in each issue of Liberty Inc the players will meet a new hero that can be recruited into the superteam. Each hero has a 'Prestige Cost', and players can unlock the heroes when they get the right amount of prestige from missions. The following is...