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Iron Man

Iron Man   Affiliations Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8 Distinctions Billionaire Playboy Cutting Edge Tech Hardheaded Futurist     Power Sets Powered Armor  Cybernetic Senses d6 Enhanced Reflexes d8 Superhuman Durability d10 Superhuman Strength d10 SFX: Boost. Shutdown highest-rated Weapons Platform or Powered Armor power to step up another Powered Armor power by +1. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during...

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Session 9 Journal Entry

  • Captain America
  • 13 May 19:00
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  • Notes on the Mojo Incident It started in what I thought was the Avengers Tower. I responded to an alert coming from there. The windows were shattered. Tony was there in his costume except for the faceplate, laying on the ground. I could almost smell the energy crackling through it....

    Session 2 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 29 Jun 23:52
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  • Notes on Mission to Earth-6116 We were joined by Blade shortly before I picked something on the Bridge—a lifeform drifting between dimensions. It turned out to be Domino from Earth-6116. We were scanning for her home dimension and noticed something odd. There were NO people on that Earth at all....

    Session 1 Journal Entry

  • Iron Man
  • 31 May 16:19
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  • Notes on Mission to Earth-9874 In Earth-9874 the vibranium meteor had landed in Utah instead of Wakanda. A man named Ulysses Claw had founded a mining town there. A group of AIM scientists from our reality had taken over the town. They wanted to claim the vibranium for themselves. I...

    Civil War Unlockables

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 13 Nov 17:46
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  • Here's a list of some unlockables that our heroes now qualify for. Spending XP to get them is purely optional, and we'll want to provide narrative and roleplaying to explain new developments: Atlantis [10 XP/15 XP] Unlock Prince Namor: Although he isn’t always friendly to surface-dwellers, Namor looks out for those he...

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    My favorite games are Vampire the Masquerade, Marvel Heroic and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but in my time I've played many others besides those - my gaming experience runs the gamut from Runequest to Smallville and from Twilight: 2000 to Tales from Floating Vagabond - and I'm always interested in trying out new ones. I discovered role-playing games in my early teen years in the late 80′s through the...
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    I'm doing a lot of things to that donkey