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Jen Breckinridge, Wizard

Jennifer Breckinridge: descendent of Tam Lin and Shadow Force Wizard A small, sturdy blonde with sad eyes, small hands and a penchant for leather bomber jackets.   Stats Blood 0 Heart 0 Mind 1 Spirit 2 Faction Rapport Mortality 2 Night -1 Power 1 Wild 0 Moves Spell Casting Sanctum Spells Tracking Elementalism Veil  

Collen the Prince of Ashes

Collen of Tuscliff, the Prince of Ashes, Outlaw Heir 2nd Rank by Old Law and the Blood of Eagles Cool =0, Hard +2, Hot +2, Sharp +1, Weird -1 Beautiful and Doomed Inspiring Fate Arms and Armor Sword, Hide tunic, round shield  

Stitch the Angel

Name: Stitch Look: a white-haired young woman with a lively face, clear eyes, and a sturdy body. She's wearing a heavy black canvas coat with scraps of metal and plastic sewn into the lining, and a pair of black leather gloves that she never takes off. A decorative pin from the Days Before is pinned to her lapel. It features...

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Upcoming Games to be run in November

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  • 07 Oct 17:46
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  •   Rogues in Rouge: The Bad Girls Take Gotham (working title): Jon had the courtesy to come up with this game idea, and it is stuck in my head: a game about a bunch of female DC super villians hitting the town and getting into nefarious adventures. It would be...

    Move System: Two Years Running and Playing: Lessons to Learn

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  • 13 Sep 12:13
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  • This is not a complete and definitive list, but these are practical issues I've come across as a Master of Ceremonies (MC) followed on how I have or should handle them.   When the PC hits a 10+, they got to feel like a badass. Anything short of lifting them...

    The Lost Empire: Notes. GoT Comparison, Houses, Bloodlines, Mecha

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  • 10 Sep 03:31
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  •   Short synospe, it's Game of Thrones meets Dune, with Mecha.However, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface, especially with the handling of the bloodlines and their mechas. I will get into that part a little later... I plan adapting a move system (not going to change...

    Superheroine Slumber Party!

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  • 25 Aug 17:17
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  • To : SuperBestFriendsForever group,,, Robin is going off with his not-blood father, Batman, to help solve some form of supercrime in Gotham. BB has headed off for a Doom Patrol reunion, while Cyborg is out to receive some surgical uprgades over in Metropolis. This has...

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  • Thessaly 300x300
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    I've been a role-player for twenty years and a mother for one. I started with 2nd Edition AD&D but these days I get my game on with Apocalypse World, Fate, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and anything that I haven't tried yet. I like a mixture of story games with player empowerment and more traditional games but with a light enough ruleset...