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Sorena (Incubus)

If one is into dance music and nightclubs, he'll have heard the name. Sorena is one of the world's foremost club DJ's and a pretty boy to boot. Smooth, charismatic, good-looking, and talented, Sorena gathers his fair share of envy. Traveling the world to spin, he has his residency at the renowned Iris Club in Los Angeles. What Sorena does...

Dadelka (Mayhem)

Bug 100
Dadelka is just plain single-minded and dangerous. He revels in opportunities to bring his own unique style of pain to others. For him, the boundary between good-guy and bad-guy is very blurred. For someone who lives day-to-day just to get radical, it’s certainly fortunate that he has developed and intense loyalty to the Society. That means that he does what...

Pendy (Angel)

Bug 100
Pendy is cute. That is the first thing that strikes just about anyone that meets her – playful, loving, and cute. As a recent University graduate with a degree in Aracontech Engineering, she certainly seems to be at the top of her world. Anything is possible in her view, even the possibility of converting Dhohanoids over to their cause –...

Tazy - NEG Social Services Worker

ID: Tazy Simferopol - NEG Ministry of Social Services. My family : I lived for my family: I admired my mother, I worshiped my father, and I became a social worker like my brother. Both of my parents where nazzadi military. My mother died in a ship crash landing during the arcanotech war. My father was a low ranking officer....