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    Im Brennon Price i have played D&D for about 5 years Im a metal head i love  it im a laid back guy and i just wish to finda good group that play 3.5 and have a good time a and make new friends  i normlay play a warrior class. i love to read and i love to get into...
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    • joined 28 Jun 23:27
    I play Dungeons and Dragons, some XBox/360 games...I am very nerdy, and I'm ok with that. Couldn't play an instrument if my life depended on it, but I have a strong appreciation for music...   I'm better known as Neo, or whatever the character I have in game is called...
  • Capt sebastian and crew
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    Older college student that really wants to play in a game, rather than GM like I usually do. I mainly play Pathfinder.
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    Gamer, GM, Geek, Grad Student When I am not working my tail off surviving my Master's program, I find time to get in a game in every so often.  Currently, my GMing time is taken up with one of Pathfinder's Adventure Paths due to relatively low degree of prep work.  I have an expanding shelf of games that I want...
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    I am a nerd. I love gaming especially table top games. Dungeons and Dragons is my favorite and I like only the Gygax legacies, that means no fourth edition. *update, I broke down and bought the fourth edition. (sadness)*   I came to this site to see what this is. I love the concept and the idea behind it and...