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Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm

Suli beautiful wyrm
Name: Sulikho Gelovani Look: quiet with unblinking eyes Origin: in the blood Stats: Hot 1, Cold 2, Volatile 1, Dark 3 Darkest Self You've become too heady, too lax, too vague. You need to dominate one of the people-things that you treasure, let it know that it's yours, that it doesn't get to choose who owns it – you do....

Mellisande Gable

MELLISANDE GABLELook: Smoldering eyes, quiet intensity Origin: Born VampireHOT:  1**COLD:  2VOLATILE: -1 DARK:  -1**Conditions: CaptivatedMoves: Hypnotic, Cold As Ice, The FeedingNPCs:Helene - best friendMark - (Not) so secret crush +1Joshua - Father Nadia - Mother +1 stringXP: x  STRINGSCyrus - 2 (beauty, Caught him rifling thru friend's stuff)Suli - 2 (beauty, treasure) Lucca -1 (beauty)   Last Updated: 2/7/14

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The Reaping (Session 14- Finale Entry)

  • Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm
  • 10 Sep 00:01
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  • Her eyes opened but all she could see was darkness. Sulikho frowned. The last thing she remembered, she’d been in the limousine with Al Hazred. How the hell did I get here? And where is here? At least her head was clear. After a few experimental shifts, she determined that...

    Letter to Father

  • Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm
  • 06 Sep 21:13
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  • The room is spotless. Everything is in its proper place. It looks more like the set of a photo shoot than the bedroom of a teenage girl. Except for the large table in the middle dominated by an unfinished sculpture of a castle. There are still scraps of clay scattered...

    Session 13 Journal Entry

  • Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm
  • 23 Aug 13:07
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  • Dear Journal, I saw what could be my last sunset. Maybe it was just me, maybe it was just the circumstances, but I’d never seen one so beautiful. It was such a lovely night. I had to say my good-byes to Aleks. He had remained in blissful ignorance or stubborn...

    Some Notes

  • Monsterhearts: Nightbreed
  • 22 Aug 00:29
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  • To whom it may concern, Just a few notes... El Diablo (Fae/Wolf) Anansi – Carlos the Shady Guy Beast – Lucca Romero Fae – Tabitha the Gossip Girl Werewolf –Mark the Hairy guy   Annalise (Vampire Queen) Ghost – Darci Holbrook, the haunting hunter Queen – Diego Gallows, the meek...

    Session 12 Journal Entry

  • Sulikho Gelovani, The Wyrm
  • 09 Aug 13:11
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  • Dear Journal, I did manage to get some sleep after all, though I wouldn’t exactly call it restful. I got into bed with Aleks. I needed the closeness. I needed the contact. Is that weak? Is that wrong? Anyway, I had a dream. I was in this cave, trapped in...