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Carmen Mazur, The Wolf

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    Player: Dani L.
  • Name: Carmen Mazur Look: Female            Mixed            Dark Clothing Demeanor: Aggressive Stats: Blood 2, Heart 1, Mind 0, Spirit 1 Factions: Mortality 0, The Barbarois 1, Knight Unlimited 2, Disciples of Ahura 0, Undine 0 Gear: A duffel bag with your personal belongings            a shitty cellphone           9mm Beretta (2-harm close loud)           Switchblade (2-harm hand concealable)  ...

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    Session 9 (Series Finale) Journal Entry

  • Carmen Mazur, The Wolf
  • 22 Apr 21:30
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  • It was a strange and challenging journey, flying through the mists borne by Dilani in her other form. She is as skilled a flier as I am a hunter, though. At last we set down in a clearing with a large mausoleum. The mist was a little lighter there. The...

    Session 8 Journal Entry

  • Carmen Mazur, The Wolf
  • 29 Mar 13:07
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  • My visit to Lady Sorrell’s realm was as confusing, intriguing, beautiful, magical, alarming, and frustrating as the woman herself. One moment, she was pulling me into her realm. The next, I was bathed in its scents, it sounds. I was running through those woods in my four-legged form in pursuit...

    Session 7 Journal Entry

  • Carmen Mazur, The Wolf
  • 13 Mar 18:37
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  • I can only hope that my mind will prove to be as sharp and effectve as my teeth and claws. It seems to have served me well so far. Ganon should have known better. I am reckless but he was arrogant. He listened as I spoke. He seemed inclined to...

    Session 6 Journal Entry

  • Carmen Mazur, The Wolf
  • 02 Mar 20:22
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  • The past two weeks have been some of the most exhausting, challenging, and rewarding days of my life. I have been establishing myself as the new leader of the Bratva. That has left me very little time for anything else. (One matter of particular interest is that the lease on...

    Dead Man's Switch (Sessions 4 & 5)

  • Rey Morales
  • 24 Feb 00:50
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  • Dear Carmen, If you are reading this then I am probably dead. If not, and there is still anything left in me of the man you knew, then please don’t read the rest of this message. Still here? Now that you are a major player in Miami’s supernatural scene, I’m...