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Dadelka (Mayhem)

Bug 100
Dadelka is just plain single-minded and dangerous. He revels in opportunities to bring his own unique style of pain to others. For him, the boundary between good-guy and bad-guy is very blurred. For someone who lives day-to-day just to get radical, it’s certainly fortunate that he has developed and intense loyalty to the Society. That means that he does what...

Lisa Gibbons (Mama Bear)

Bug 100
Lisa is the leader of the Chitown Kings. Her aggressive approach to her life has caused her several significant results. Her meteoric rise to the position of Marketing Director at a prestigious local firm, even at the age of twenty-nine, is certainly one of them. The other is the fact that she was recently commissioned to take charge of a...

Pendy (Angel)

Bug 100
Pendy is cute. That is the first thing that strikes just about anyone that meets her – playful, loving, and cute. As a recent University graduate with a degree in Aracontech Engineering, she certainly seems to be at the top of her world. Anything is possible in her view, even the possibility of converting Dhohanoids over to their cause –...

David Leung (Shifu)

Bug 100
David is new to Chicago. He recently moved here from Hong Kong as a refugee seeking safety from the Rapine Storm’s ravaging overrun of his homeland. He soon set up his own dojo and began teaching Kung Fu to prospective new students. Thus far business has been relatively successful. But, today’s business is all that he will talk about. He...

Albert Gonzales (Professor)

Bug 100
Albert is the Pack’s resident Occult Scholar. He’s very friendly and very accessible to just about anyone. He’s also a bit of an eccentric goofball. He loves his practical jokes and you never know for sure what he might pull on you next. Sometimes his antics are funny and a much-needed breath of fresh-air for his Pack. Other times he...