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Lady Seraphina Spellbreaker

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Seraphina loves life. Which contrasts with her morbid interest in death as a child. While her fascination with death bordered on the macabre, it helped only fuel her love of life. The more she understood death and it's place in the circle of life, the more she cherished her life, and pushed others to experience theirs more fully. While her...

Sir Nathan

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    Player: Dani L.
  • One Unique Thing Sir Nathan is trying to atone for the sins of past after the razing of Springwyn.   Background guilt-ridden veteran of The Black Band- +3 student of Lord Horace Garen- +3 former street rat- +2   Stats STR 15 CON 14 DEX 15 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 13   Combat AC 22 PD 17 MD 17...

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    Session 12 Journal Entry

  • Sir Nathan
  • 13 Jul 16:13
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  • Dear Horace, As promised, I will tell you of what transpired during our visit to Eschaton. Renz’s snake companion that she’d acquired in the Temple of Ceph turned out to be an avatar of the god himself. Ceph is one of the Gray, one of the “neutral” gods who hadn’t...

    Session 11 Journal Entry

  • Sir Nathan
  • 22 Jun 11:40
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  • Dear Horace, We finally reached Highdock in the company of Father Adrian and his pilgrims. None of the stories I’d heard about it compare to the reality. I’ve traveled much in my day but I’ve never seen such a strange blend of cultures. I didn’t recognize some of the beings...

    Session 10 Journal Entry

  • Sir Nathan
  • 17 Jun 18:35
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  • Dear Horace, Again, I apologize for the delay in this letter. It was a somewhat tense journey back. We saw signs that giants had moved to join in the war between the Emperor and Crusader. As for the situation on The Bronze Lilypad, with Duskwalker and his grotesque guardian, the...

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