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PARANOIA: RED Clearance Loyalty

  • System: Mr Bubbles
  • Last update: 25 Aug 08:32
  • Day: Fri, Jan 10, 2014
  • Time: 11:44PM UTC
  • Length: 5
  • Information on this game is above your clearance. The Computer is your friend, and assures you will have fun!

    Paranoia: Casualty of Causality

    Computer eye
  • System: PARANOIA
  • Last update: 24 May 21:44
  • Day: Mon, May 02, 2011
  • Time: 05:01AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • An on the fly game of Paranoia that begins with the troubleshooters gaining consciousness in the R&D labs. You do not have clearance for any further information.

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    Roll with treason - basic moves

  • Premium label
  • 15 May 13:10
  • Views: 7
  • Comments: 0
  • "Roll with treason" is the name of a Move engine hack of the classic Paranoia RPG I'm currently working on. I've just finished the first version of the basic moves and I'm posting them here for feedback and comments. Unlike most (all?) other Move engine games, Roll with treason doesn't...

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    Hello Folks. My name is Jacob. I am 35, married,  have a stable job, flexible schedule, and a wonderful home that I love to host games at. I've been playing games for 20+ years on and off. For the last couple of years I have struggled to find a reliable group of players or another great GM. So in the...
  • Kara2
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    I'm 45 and have been into tabletop RPG's since the early 80's, especially AD&D, Shadowrun, Gamma World, Paranoia, and a few others. I haven't played as much inrecent years, but I'm looking to rekindle the interest. 
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    I've been playing RPGs since the early 80s, starting with AD&D1e and Moldvay Basic and growing outward from there. I've had a Palladium phase, a GURPS-only phase, and a disposable income phase in which I bought nearly every game I found remotely interesting. Now I'm in that mid-life crisis phase where I've sold off a few games but still collect...
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    I've played a little D&D 3e, 3.5, and 4e and by no means am I any sort of expert. I've played other PnP games as well, such as Star Wars d20, Exalted, Paranoia, Shadowrun, and Trinity. I'd like to give Pathfinder and GURPS a shot, but haven't been around my gaming friends in some time. We all kind of split...
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    I love gaming and play myriad of games  elves are all right   The donkey is strickly for pleasure.  Is it so worng?