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Among The Living

  • System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook
  • Last update: 09 Dec 11:23
  • Day: Mon, Dec 19, 2011
  • Time: 09:00PM UTC
  • Length: 5 hours
  • Famed Pathfinder Bodriggan Wuthers disappeared from his dig site beneath the House of the Immortal Son in Taldor's gilded capital of Oppara. Once a grand temple to Aroden, the Immortal Son is now Oppara's most opulent theater. Sent to locate Wuthers, the Pathfinders must attend an opera with members of the Oppara elite in order to gain access to the secretive theater's dig site. When a cult crashes the performance and the nobility change into hideous walking dead, the Pathfinders are forced to choose between finding Wuthers or saving themselves.

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    Harata Al-Khalib

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    Harata is a tall, dark-haired figure, tan from years under the Qadiran sun. He carries a glaive of relatively nice quality, but obviously slightly worn from use. Engraved in the hilt is the holy sign of Sarenrae- the same symbol adorns a small metal plate on the chest of his chain shirt.  

    Kazimir PFS 14120-2

    Fused Eidolon ("Hound Archon"): Resembles a great, noble, golden humanoid wolfBase Form: BipedStarting Statistics: Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.; AC +2 natural armor;  Attack 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 12, Con 13; Free Evolutions claws, limbs (arms), limbs (legs).Level 1 Eidolon Abilities: +1 BAB, Darkvision (Ex), Share Spells (Ex), Evolution pool 3 (->4 from feat), maximum 3...

    R'shaw Blackhowl



    Monk 03[4]

    Deivon D'arth


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    Free boon for Pathfinder Society

  • 25 Oct 12:05
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  • Just found out that there's a limited-time free boon for Pathfinder Society, a special Chronicle sheet that can only be assigned around Halloween, this year: Hope I can find a game!!

    The Devil We Know, Shipyard Rats

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  • 15 Sep 00:34
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  • Venture-Captain Hestia Themis, a small, unassuming woman  of  Taldan  heritage  with  dark  hair  and  eyes,  holds  a  large  sheaf of papers in her small hands and clears her throat. Her  booming voice, the antithesis of her stature, fills the main hall  of the small Pathfinder Lodge in the Taldan city...

    Dungeon Co. "Crafting security; One Treasure and Trap at a time."

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  • 24 May 23:18
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  • fter several hours of preparations, memorizing and set building; a tall well built man dressed as if he had come from an adventure just now, yet still maintaining a classic look of stoic professionalism begins to address the crowd gathering around the newly built stage. “Greetings, are you an evil...

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    Okay, I am from the mid-south, Huntingdon TN. It's a small town so not too much gaming since my longterm mentor and GM passed away. I have made a few attempts through a larger city near us Jackson but the oppertunities dont fit my needs. So here I am searching for online oppertunities. I know Pathfinder and Savage Worlds like...
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    mainly play pathfinder. Pathfinder society, and ad&d 2e
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    What do you like to play? Pathfinder RPG, Society, Warmachine, FantasyCraft, SpyCraft... games games games.. Why do you dislike elves so much? Those pointy eared snobs are always looking down on us. What in Crom's name are you doing to that donkey? Why are you so interested in my donkey? Its mine!